Double Duty

Dress: Dream Diva
Shoes: Nude
Belt: Cotton On
When I first tried this dress on in Dream Diva I didn’t actually realise it was anything more than a swishy skirt. Amazingly, it turns out that it’s one of those items that does a double duty – unfold the waistband, and it makes quite a cute strapless dress, fold it down and it’s a drapey black skirt.
It has a full circle skirt which I usually steer away from as there’s so much volume, but with this heavy jersey it sits really well.
I’ve discovered that you can easily play with the neckline too. Obviously it’s just straight, normally:

But it’s just as easy to pleat the top down and pin it with a safety pin to create a sweetheart neckline:
So, in other news I’ve got my second Belly Dancing class which I’m doing with ultimate cutie-pie Miss Kit tonight.
I love belly dancing, I love that the wobblier you are the better it looks, and that it’s sexier when you have some curves. I love that you get to wear spangly jewellery that jingles.
Theoretically I bought the skirt/dress especially for belly-dancing – I think it’ll do well, then afterwards I can shuck the t-shirt, hoist the waistband up, and I’m ready to hit the town!

Skirt: Dream Diva
Shoes: Zu Shoes

13 thoughts on “Double Duty

  1. GREAT!!! belly dancing is one of the best things to do 😀 (and yoga and aikido ;)) glad you are dancing!!! Such a gorgeous woman must dance!
    btw, I found very nice strapless bra on ebay, was incredibly cheap 😉 (M&S for 10? with shipping :D) and I visisted second hand to find strapless dress for 1,5? (pink and black) now i must only wait for summer, hehe

  2. Ooo, fancy convertible clothing! I was looking at the skirt tonight thinking that looks so comfy for dancing and then it turns into a DRESS.
    You are pretty human transformer.

  3. Belly dancing sounds so fun!

    I love how versatile and flattering the dress is. How neat to find the perfect strapless style!

  4. Hiya, I'm your seKret sTalker from the tram (remember? 🙂 … and another bellydancer. You're going to love it! have heaps of fun and don't forget to report back on your first class!


  5. Very, very cute dress/skirt/transforming outfit… nice score, especially since you were unaware of it's magic wardrobe doubling possibilities…!

    I've always wanted to try belly dancing, but I don't think MY kind of curvy is the belly dancing kind of curvy lol, not to mention I am unco-ordinated…!

  6. ive only bellydanced once, 10 years ago in high school, when i was tinier than i am now. you will make an adorable sexay bellydancer! i cant do undulations to save my life! its one of those moves you HAVE to have belly for!

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