Frockapalooza: Day 6 – Sakura

Shoes: Zu
Necklace: Inherited from my Nana
Woo! Day six and I’m premiering a new frock!
It’s been so long since I’d ventured into Laura Ashley that I was amazed to discover that they had unearthed themselves from under all the liberty prints and dropped waists and had a few very nice pieces on offer. Even more happily they go up to a quite generous size 16.
This dress, with it’s cotton silk blend & cherry blossom print is just lovely. I bought it some weeks ago, but have been looking for a special occasion to wear it to. Tonight I’m going to another gallery opening with The Sophisticate, so I’ve prettied up for that.

16 thoughts on “Frockapalooza: Day 6 – Sakura

  1. Wow. This might be a new favourite.

    Your expression is quite demure and sweet… it can only mean trouble! 😛

    I love black and floral, it's such a match made in heaven. x

  2. I agree black floral is my fave kinda floral. Now I feel the same about Laura Ashley. All square collars and mummy-ish, might have a looksee myself!

  3. Wow! I would be so tempted to get that dress as well if I ever see one like that!

    I would wear it with a pink fluffy petticoat underneath for myself! Because I like pink so much! Haha.

    Lilli, you are such a fashion inspiration!

  4. Gorgeous dress. I remember having a Laura Ashely outfit in my younger, slimmer days. Glad to see she is now going to a 16.

  5. I think this is another one where you could go down a size!

    Please tell me your slimming secrets?!

    Love, Love, Love it!


  6. Waaah! Why is it sold out on the website? I'm always too late. I insist on you showing us your shopping ASAP so we can all rush out and buy before they sell out! 😉

    Try some lip colour with this dress?


  7. LOL, thanks Boomgate & Deborah-Lee 🙂

    Chantelle, you know me too well!

    Veronica Darling, they're done a few quite cute nautical numbers this season too!

    I should definitey invest in a petticoat some time bowsandhearts. Pink you say? I think I saw one at the Lost & Found Market…

    Thanks, Nefertiti 🙂

    I'm lucky m. Because of my work I'm out and about in all the shopping areas of Melbourne, so I get to see everything that everyone has to offer 🙂 It's hell on my savings account though 😉

    I was pleased too, D_H. I wonder how long? I saw a really cute silk butterfly dress from them last season, but I never saw it in a size larger than 14

    Thanks Chloe – so do I !

    Hi Maz, It's all about being happy, eating out, falling for someone who appreciates you, and not getting to the gym anymore apparently 😉 I definitely couldn't have gone smaller though – the dress didn't have any stretch and was just comfortable around my waist!

    Hi Dweenz – I'm SO LAZY with makeup! I need to start wearing lip colour though, my natural pink seems to be fading at the moment!

  8. oohhh its so pretty!
    Ive found it on the LA website but they only have up to size 14 drats but i guess thats a good thing as I really CANT afford it 🙁

    looks so lovely on you though Lilli 🙂

  9. So now you are freaking me out…!
    I found your blog just today and have been sitting here for hours admiring all your outfits, thinking, yep, this girl has style and I can get me some of that, love the colour and everything, plus the girl has the same leg problems I do (boots, boots, boots…), so lots of identification going on (we are not willowy giraffes, right?!) and now I get all this way only to find you actually bought the same LA dress I got last year in GB and hadn’t worn – that gorgeous plum, yes?! Just wore it to my daughter’s wedding with a cream tie-front jacket and some plum suede wedges with a broad ankle strap… very happy day ;))

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