Frockapalooza: Day 5 – Scarlet Woman

Dress: Kamikaze
Shoes: Leghorn Rouge
This dress always makes a splash wherever it goes, and tonight it’s attending a launch party for the Swan Lake Ballet Theatre at The Avenue Bookstore, then a screening of student films at Nova.
It’s maybe a smidge overdressed for one, and underdressed for the other, but it’s scandalously scarlet and these great t-bar shoes from Leghorn Rouge give the outfit a little pinch of irreverence.

Shoes: Leghorn Rouge

8 thoughts on “Frockapalooza: Day 5 – Scarlet Woman

  1. Girl, don't let me catch you somewhere while you're wearing those shoes. I might be tempted to steal them from you. Fab dress too.

  2. LOL, they're great shoes aren't they m?

    Anon, are you Aussie? They're still instore at Leghorn Rouge 🙂

    It is, isn't it Trinity Lea? I wore it once when I was feeling really fall-over-sideways dreadful, and I still managed to feel better!

    Thanks Michelle, I'm enjoying it too!

    D_H, they come in other colours to….

    Thanks Ninaribena 🙂

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