Frockapalooza: Day 31 – School’s Out

Leggings: My Size
Shoes: Zensu
Brooch: Pirdy
Jennifer from Jen’s Fashion Plus contacted me a month or so ago asking whether I’d be interested in blogging one of the super cute offerings from her eBay store, and I thought that it tied in rather nicely with Frockapalooza so I was delighted when this dress arrived the day I was leaving for Canberra.
Jenifer’s got some really nice pieces at Jen’s Fashion Plus, and the prices are great.
This dress is very sweet – probably suited to someone slightly less chesty than I, but it’s still got an endearingly school-girl feel to it, and the quality’s very good.
I’ll be keeping Jen’s Fashion Plus favourited, and will be dropping in regularly, because she stocks the shop with exactly the kind of classic, stand-the-test-of-time styles that appeal to me the most.

6 thoughts on “Frockapalooza: Day 31 – School’s Out

  1. I really love this dress, but the top looks like it fits tight, would you suggest this for someone who tends to have rolls? Or maybe go a size up?

  2. Oh Chesty La Rue! It looks fantabulous. I always feel like I'm just boobs and arms and legs when I'm wearing high waisted skirts but this is great on you.
    Hope you had a smashing Xmas!

  3. Hi Lesa, yeah – the top's pretty snug, it's made of a reasonably thin material as well. You could always try the unbelievabra if you're worried about back rolls (I totally suffer them too!)

  4. I bought this dress too, and I think it looks good, even though I'm super-busty. I went up a size, and I wore a fitted black singlet underneath for that extra inch or so of cleavage coverage. It was my first buy from Jen's (the odd sizing put me off) but probably not my last.

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