Frockapalooza: Day 30 – Chocoholic

Dress: Igigi
Shrug: Igigi
Belt: City Chic
Shoes: Zu
Man alive! It’s freeezing in Canberra today following the drenching rain yesterday.
Unfortunately, I didn’t bring any cooler weather frocks on holiday, and have had to don jeans and a cardigan, so you’re getting another “here’s one I prepared earlier” for day 30 of Frockapalooza.
I’m still recovering from Christmas, currently for lunch my Mum and I are having left-over turkey, then maybe some Christmas Pud for afters. With custard. Mmmnn… custard. And brandy butter. Mmmmmmnnnnnnnnnnn brandy butter.
Suki’s finally started talking to me again, and I’m about to catch up with Haz-Mo’s Mama, so apart from missing The Sophisticate all’s right in the world.
I’m trying to get permission from my little sister to put a Frockapalooza post up from her – on a recent visit to Melbourne she bought a very swanky dress from Dream Diva for New Year’s which I’d love to show you all because she looks so beautiful – let’s see if we can convince her in the comments, c’mon Bella… share, share, share!

11 thoughts on “Frockapalooza: Day 30 – Chocoholic

  1. I think this is my favorite frockapalooza outfit so far! The cut and color of that dress are gorgeous on you!!

  2. yes I agree I love this dress, you look wonderful in this the colour is really great!

    its rainy and horrid in sydney also, where did the sun go?

    hope you have a wonderful time on your holiday 🙂

  3. C'mon Bella. It'd be a total CRIME not to share.

    Please. We promise to be kind and full of compliments.

    Puh-lease. Please. Please.

    Oh, and please. x

  4. That's a really great dress! The rain was great yesterday, but I'm that cold today I am wearing fluffy slippers and a tracksuit. So NOT the flirty frocky and skirty post-Christmas I wanted to start out with!

    Now come on Bella – you must share in the fun!

  5. Ha. Ok ok. You can put my new years dress up too then, persuasive and gorgeous big sister 🙂 You inherited ALL the photogenic-ness though…. cameras and I don't typically get along, so don't say you weren't warned… 🙂


  6. Oh I have that dress! It looks fantastic on you, and it's so comfortable to wear. I don't have a belt to wear with it, and I find it stretches at the front a little making me look like I have a larger stomach than I have, so after seeing your belt I think I'll be heading down to City Chic pronto!

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