Frockapalooza: Day 27 – The Long Way Home

Leggings: My Size
Shoes: Zensu
So, what do you wear to sit on your butt for eight hours on the long drive up from Melbourne to Canberra?
This dress has performed the Ultimate Comfort Test several times already, and I probably would have worn it, even if I hadn’t been doing Frockapalooza – it’s comfortable to sit in and even on hot days looks serviceable when it arrives at the other end.
Now, I’m ensconced in the ‘rents house, watching Suki case the joint, enjoying a cup of tea and some home-made Christmas cake.
I finally feel like my holidays have begun!

6 thoughts on “Frockapalooza: Day 27 – The Long Way Home

  1. You are looking awesome at the moment Miss Lilli! And that outfit looks so comfy! I hope both you and Suki have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy the time with your parents! PS: Can we have another picture of Suki please? She is sooo pretty!

  2. Hello! Have I said hello before? I can't remember, but I do enjoy your blog (though I have to read your June/July posts for winder outfits…)

    I digress.

    LOVE this outfit, especially the leggings! I haven't even had the nerve to try a pair on (big ass, jiggly thighs, seriously lumpy tummy since major surgery a few years ago) but if they looked 1/2 as good on me as they do on you I'd be thrilled!

    Keep up the great, inspiring fashion fun!

    Happy Holidays,

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