Frockapalooza: Day 26 – In The Hills

Shoes: Zu
Today was my last day in Melbourne before heading off to the ‘berra for my long awaited holidays. I took the opportunity to premiere this dress on a jaunt up to the hills to have lunch with Sally & Fi, two of my favouritist ladies from the Blogosphere. I hadn’t met Sally before, and was delighted to discover that she’s every bit as scrumptious as you could have hoped, and daughter Ruby (generally considered to be the prettiest baby on the internet) performed admirably, sending Fiona and myself into a frenzy of broody goodness.
So, I’m running out of puff with Frockapalooza, but the numbers of dresses don’t seem to be abating at all! I’ve packed the majority of the reaminder, but there’s one or two “Here’s One I Prepared Earlier” shots for dresses that didn’t make the Canberra cut

10 thoughts on “Frockapalooza: Day 26 – In The Hills

  1. I absolutely ADORE this frock. Its stunning on you. Have a lovely Christmas and thanks for all of the inspiration that you have given me/us this year. x

  2. *gasp* Im sorry lilli but this is so not you, infact it really should still be in some grannies closet hidden away from the world


    Hope you have a wonderful christmas and an amazing new year full of frockfabulous finds xxx

  3. Oh my gosh, I am sorry Sarah-Jo, but I saw the dress in person and it was an absolute winner, cool and breezy on a warm day, swishes about beautifully and just looked lovely.

    I just popped in to say you are lovely and it was SUCH A DELIGHT to spend time with you and if we don't do it in person again soon, I shall cry.

    Hope you and Mae got to Canberra safely and the Christmas festivities have begun. Much love to you and Mae!


    (ps; AHAHAHA the word verification is MINIME!)

  4. I agree with Sal, I think this looks better in person than how it photographs (though I think the picture is nice, but then I am biased.) It is a lovely dress and looked so breezy and beautiful in reality.

    (lulz at my own verification word: "untat")

  5. I love this one too. I think it's very Christmas-y and lovely.

    And I am so excited that I just found out your real name, and it's super lovely!

    Merry Christmas to you. xx

  6. I, for one, LOVE this dress on you. Some people couldn't pull it off, but you look super sophisticated… This is a dress to host a cocktail party full of brainy people in.

  7. I think its a gorgeous dress, but I would like to see it belted to add a little more definition around that gorgeous waist of ours 🙂

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