Frockapalooza: Day 3 – In For a Pinny, In For a Pound

Blouse: Liz Jordan @ Noni B

Well, in Melbourne’s typical contrary fashion the weather has plummeted again, with the temperature 20 degrees celsius lower than a week ago. It’s actually good news for me, because it gives me the opportunity to include my warmer winter frocks in Frockapalooza.

Today, the Jane Bonbon pinafore dress with the rosie fishtail skirt.
I’m so depressed that this dress doesn’t photograph better than it does, because it’s just lovely in person. I haven’t worn in it on the blog since March but it’s usually on high rotation during winter.

4 thoughts on “Frockapalooza: Day 3 – In For a Pinny, In For a Pound

  1. I have visions of you trapsing over mountains singing songs from Sound of Music in that ensemble. Don't worry that's a good thing.

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