Frockapalooza: Day 2 – A Vintage Affair

Dress: Vintage @ Thrush
Shoes: Zu
Belt: City Chic

Whoops! Hit my first Frockapalooza snag – torrential rain! It was a lovely morning when I woke up, but of course – procrastinator that I am – I put off taking today’s outfit shot until the heavens opened.

Today the Girl Whisperer and I hit up the Hello Sailor Vintage Fair in Fitzroy, so I thought what better opportunity to wear my favourite vintage dress?
Of course, it started raining, and I got really cold and damp, and really I should have known it would because I went to the salon this morning and it always rains after I’ve had my hair laboriously blow-dried by professionals.
Actually, it was a marathon session during which is was soundly scolded for having neglected my colour for, oh, forever. The result being that I’ve been warned a simple gloss will no longer cut it in the battle against the ever encroaching sparklies (AKA, grey hairs) and I shall have to either embrace them or go the dreaded permanent colour and all the expensive upkeep that it entails. Readers?

14 thoughts on “Frockapalooza: Day 2 – A Vintage Affair

  1. Another great print!

    Hair sitch: I'd ask if they offer a regular discounted fee… my hairdressers have made me a member of their blonditos club… as I have to go every 4 -5 weeks for an 'update' (regrowth) they offer a cheaper colour rate. I don't get a trim each time and I've found that my hair has never looked better… But not sure what I'd do if I wasn't platinum blonde!

  2. grey hair = sexy hair 😉 so don't worry 😛 if you feel tired of it just shave your head 😉 it really works wonders :D:D:D (well, i shaved mine when I was 29 ;))

  3. Lilli, I have been fighting the sparkles for quite a while. I got my first before I was 30. I remember my now defunct partner pointing them out to me. My rep;y was to tell him that (as his hair was thinning) that I at least had hair that could go grey.

    My mum at 80, is only now staring to go salt and pepper. I have just had my colour lightened slightly and a 1/4 head of foils. I swore I would never have foils again, as I had them a few years back. It means you have to be extra nice to your hair. The good thing with foils is though that you can vary the colours and have some light ones, into which the greys can blend. I tend to leave it as long between colouring as I possibly can. I had my hair done last week and it was the first time since the beginning of September that I had ay colour put in. Of course, lots of grey comes through in this time and this is when I become creative with varying my parts, headbands, hairclips, bandanas, scarves and hats.

    Investigate the prospect of only having your crown and roots coloured and just having a gloss on the rest. It would probably be cheaper and better for your hair.

    BTW Your sunny dress would have chased all those rain clouds away.

  4. I've been going grey since the ripe old age of 12 and have now needed to colour me hair for at least 10 years (I'm 29).

    Dark brown is the easiest colour to DIY as long as you do some research and pick decent products. It has literally saved me many thousands of dollars.

    Great dress!

  5. For purely selfish reasons I'd love to see you embrace your sparklies.

    I made a decision not to dye my hair and I'd love to see how you keep your look fresh and modern and fabulous with grey hair, because if anyone can do it, you can.

  6. While you know I am a shameless advocate of colouring hair, I think in your case that the hairdressers are being greedy, your natural hair colour is absolutely beautiful and the only one noticing your sparklies at the moment is you. I'd leave it as long as you can bear! Every six weeks you don't get a colour, you can buy yourself a dress without any guilt at all. When I was spending a fortune like Veronica above, I could have bought a dress a fortnight and felt no guilt.

    Anyway, that's my two cents! Also, I'm biased because I'm trying to go without colouring my hair any more too.

  7. Hi Lilli,
    I used to spend enough to feed a small nation on regular hair colours, but my financial situation these days doesnt permit.

    now having done my own colour for the best part of a year I cant imagine going back to paying for the hairdresser to do it unless I was going to go for foils, a lighter colour or drastic colour change. I have now embraced my natural chocolate brown haircolour all over and find that the off the shelf options are very very good even for the "sparklies"

  8. I do my own hair at home. I can't stand the "sparklies", especially since my hair is dark like yours and they show up so quickly. Since I don't do highlights or lowlights, a simple box of hair color once a month, and maybe one root touch up box halfway is enough for me. And I probably spend $25 a month.
    I've nothing against gray hair, I'm just not ready to embrace mine. I'm only 34!

  9. I'd consider dying your hair at home with a box dye, if you can. I'm 24 (24!!!) and about 40% grey, so that's no longer an option for me and my dark brown hair. So what I've done, because it is also "embrace or pay out a ton of money" for me, is to use Punky Colors in my hair. That way, if I use a blue black for instance, my normal hair becomes a smidge darker, and my sparkly white hair turns a nice navy blue, and then fades gradually. It's an alternative I hadn't know existed, and one that I tried on a lark to my immense satisfaction and healthier hair. But that's me. Otherwise, box dye it if you can until it's no longer possible.

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