This is why I can’t wait for summer

Dress: Target
Shoes: Zu Shoes

Nope, I didn’t actually wear this today (it was hailing!) but it’s instore at the moment and I wanted to Share The Love, because it’s an awesome dress, and I always hate missing out when bloggers post items that speak to my soul, but are no longer available.

Target’s doing some great frocks this season, but this one struck me as being particularly adorable and so easy to dress up in different ways with pops of colour in the shoes, a different belt, some bright accessories or a bright cardigan:
Cardigan: Crossroads
Plus, we’re coming into Spring Racing Season (keep your eyes peeled for an amazing new race-day addition – arrived today, and will be featured soon) and this dress – whilst not exactly haute couture – would be a great option for Derby Day where black and white are de rigueur for the ladies on the field.

19 thoughts on “This is why I can’t wait for summer

  1. Definitely an amazing buy! I love how the polka dots are graphic and strong rather than twee and feminine. It makes the dress so much more interesting.

    It breaks my heart when I see bloggers wearing things I can't purchase too!

  2. So cute! Is that from the regular or plus size section of Target? Sadly 18s in the non plus sized part of Target are a tiny bit too small for me.

  3. I love the dresses in Target right now but they only go up to an 18. I don't know why the hell they can't understand that those sorts of dresses are wanted by (and would look great on) women up to the top size they carry (26 in their options plus section).

  4. Very cute dress- thanks for sharing it with us early on- may have to check out target- although with this cold snap it is zapping my spring/summer shopping mojo.

  5. Yeah, we're ALL buying that dress. Time to start calling each other before we catch up to make sure we're not wearing the same thing. You look amazing.

  6. Thanks m., elsiee & Ally 🙂

    It's great isn't it ana b.? I do love polkadots, and the graduating style of these seems ultra flattering.

    Hi Sarah, it's from the regular, sadly. I've been seeing some good things pop up in the plus section too though, so keep your eyes peeled

    Thanks bethamint, zizzy & Sal

    I totally agree, Bri. It always drives me crazy when I see dresses that would so obviously suit a larger figure but only go up to a size 14. Everyone should be like Dorothy Perkins, and do their full catalogue in a decent size range.

    I have to admit, it's a bit of a squeeze bubblebeeknits – big boobs can be such a trial, can't it 🙁

    Hi Branwyn – me too! Can't wait til it's warm enough to wear it out properly sans cardigan 🙂

    That's great, Tammika! Red's such a great colour, and it's ALWAYS in fashion!

    Thanks Ms B.!

    Lol, Kelly! But the trade off is that your US Target has some SERIOUSLY awesome stuff that we can't get either! Your Target totally wipes the floor with our Target 😉

    Me too, Sandra! Bring on the warmer weather already!

    Boots season, Luinae! And cardigans and stockings. Fall's pretty awesome too 🙂

    Ah, Fiona. I'm going to woo you around to the awesomeness of frocks sooner or later

  7. I usually discount Target because they just don't fit my body shape. I may have to have a look at that one though.

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