In Brogues

Top: Temt
Shoes: Zola
Necklace: Foudre Blanche
Welcome to the wardrobe, my newest pair of silly heels.
Impulse bought over the weekend after being spurred on by The Sophisticate & my visiting Brisbanian, these seriously-heeled brogue booties are probably going to end up being one of those “oops” purchases that I love, but can’t quite manage to wear correctly.
I was thinking – as I mooned over them in the shop – that teamed with a pencil skirt, maybe some patterned tights… a pinafore, or my brown cashmere dress… Maybe narrow leg trousers, a white blouse and a waistcoat to play up the whole manstyle thing… To be honest I’ll probably have to buy a Whole New Outfit for them to work with (excuses, excuses)
(They’re pretty bloody comfortable, all things considered, but I’m not sure they do my calves any favours)

7 thoughts on “In Brogues

  1. i love them, i have been eyeballing a part of those myself (but instead i bought 4 pairs of over the knee boots instead – ugh)

  2. I love those shoes, they make your calves look fab. Don't underestimate all the good things about yourself. Hell, I don't know you but you've certainly brightened up my day. I feel more inspired to wear the clothes I love rather than just covering myself in black and hoping to go unnoticed. Do you like "temt" clothing? I bought a bunch from, of all places, an "op shop". Some good some okay. I like the knitted tops. Sizing a bit dodgy though. Do you have a fave on line place to shop for 14 plus? I look and look and can't decide.

  3. you are impossible 😛 always looking for some kind of failure/disadvantage 😛
    STOP IT NOW! you look FABULOUS!
    +4C here, my pink sweater is here, i look pale 😛 but it's PINK 😉

  4. I love them and think they look great too.

    I can also see them being worn with some tailored wide leg pants and a flowy blouse or white shirt for that very cool 40's look.

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