Betty Blue

Dress: Igigi
Brooch: Sportsgirl
Oh man. I’ve been looking forward to starting my little feature on Igigi for a month or so now, but it’s been Too Damn Cold to wear any of the little treats that were sent to me by the lovely Jessica in August.
I wish the folks at Bravissimo would take lessons from Igigi on how to “do” a jersey dress properly from designer Yuliya Raquel because this fabulous cobalt number is made out of fabulous quality textiles and is fully lined allowing the draping to skim my curves without hugging them. It doesn’t crush (trust me – before this photo was shot it spent the night squished into an overnight bag). I love the sweetheart-esque neckline; it’s sweet and sexy at the same time, and the dress fits beautifully. I chose to dress it up with a pop of red (because it’s just not a Lilli outfit with a leetle red)
Refreshingly, Igigi’s size chart is spot on, but the staff are fabulous, so if you have any doubts about anything, don’t hesitate to shoot ’em an email. International Shipping’s a little prohibitive, but about on par with Torrid and every bit as speedy. Plus, it’s a flat rate, so if you can find someone else who wants to indulge (oh – I so do… THIS is next on my list) then it works out to be very reasonable.
Keep your eyes out for more appearances from Igigi – there’s another new dress or two that I’m looking forward to sharing as the mercury climbs.

27 thoughts on “Betty Blue

  1. Beautiful dress! I too wish the Bravissimo folks would take notice, I'm always disappointed with something in the dresses; either too short (I'm tall) or cheap feeling/looking materials. IGIGI looks like a great alternative, though I'm not sure it would fit in the bust and am wary of spending $38 +return costs to find that out.

  2. I just had my first experience with Igigi – and it was similarly fantastic! I split the postage with a friend (this definitely makes buying from them much more palatable) and they have good sales quite often. I got a jersey dress too and it is great – true to the size chart, well made and good enough to definitely mean I'll be back!

  3. Pretty, pretty, pretty. I love the color of that dress – and the inclusion of the rosette about the waist to match your shoes is simply fabulous. Gorgeous to the tenth power, darling! 🙂

  4. That color is GORGEOUS! I love that you added the flower, too 🙂 I also totally forgot to tell you that I *did* feature you, just a little late!

  5. Wow you should definitely wear more blue and red!!! It looks fab with your creamy complexion and dark hair. Love the dress tres flattering!!

  6. I utterly agree that the colour combination you have there is just divine. You look beautiful. Smiley-inducing, even. ^_^

  7. I am so glad to find an Aussi Igigi fan!!!! I pretty much only buy from them now for all the reasons you mention, plus I cannot find ANY Australian designer that make plus size clothes that are actually feminine and enhance our beauty. I do not mind the shipping so much now that it is $US38.00; it converts to only about $AU45.00 which if you think that ts14Plus charge (about) $20.00 to send from Melbourne and it STILL takes two weeks is not so bad. To anyone wary of buying from Igigi, then I say TRUST THEM IMPLICITLY, I have never had an order go astray and on the two occasions I had something wrong with the garments have been more than accommodating to my needs (esp. as I am in Australia). It takes about 1 week for the goods to arrive (beautifully packaged) and you can actually track the item via UPS. BTW – I now know what to wear to work today, THANKS!!

  8. Lilli, I LOVE this dress! The cobalt blue is a big hit – v sexy and flattering cut. Might have to get one for me! 😉

    Lisa T xx

  9. Oh that dress looks beautiful! Looks great with the red too and I love your shoes. I got my first two Igigi dresses in the mail today so funny you so post this now. Mine don't look as good as me as yours looks on you!

  10. Gosh, fall just began today in the northern hemisphere. I was thinking, "It would be great to do a wardrobe swap with someone in the southern hemisphere." Just imagine having a full summer wardrobe ready to wear now.

    I am a HUGE igigi fan and have been to their design house to meet Yuliya. She's fabulous. She really has done amazing work with her movement. The dresses are just a beautiful by-product.

  11. Hi Anon – yeah – I'm with you. I always find the fit excellent, but the quality of the materials is pitiful – especially considering the prices. Igigi all the way, baby!

    Heartbeatoz – I'd definitely recommend them! If it makes a difference, they have a 20% off discount code: "STYLE"

    That's great 77silver! Which one did you get?

    LOL, you make me laugh, m. That colour block dress is fantastic 🙂 You should definitely indulge…

    Thankyou, Cafe Fashionista! I love a bit of red

    What a great post, Mars! Thank you so much of thinking of me!

    Thanks, Vanoue & Singapore Sling 🙂

    You know, Sandra? I'm a recent convert to the whole cobalt blue thing. Never really worn it that much, and I can see I've been missing out! Thanks for your comment

    Thankyou, Suze & Veronica Darling

  12. Aw, thankyou, Fiona!

    That's great feedback, Reggae! Can I ask which dresses you got?

    Hi Lisa – it's the greatest colour, isn't it? I'm on the hunt for it now, but it seems to be as rare as hens teeth

    Thankyou, Elise 🙂

    LOL, thankyou Nefertiti

    Tammika – Ask me again in a few months, when I'm sweating it out on 38 degree days! I'll definitely do you a swap 😉

    Thankyou, Luinae – Mine too, I think!

    I'm sure the dresses look fab, Anon! Which ones did you get?

  13. Oh I have an embarrassingly large Igigi collection – if you have a look at the website, I have pretty much all of the dresses and separates (excluding the bridal and Gemina, which I tried but looked shocking on me). I have another shipment due tomorrow which I have been tracking via UPS and it was sent from the US on 18/09/09.

    As far as trusting this site – Igigi leave the Australian firms I have dealt with for dead. Right now I have been waiting one month for an order to come from Entitle Clothing in QLD. They have charged my card already, but no goods and do you THINK I can get a hold of them?


  14. Hey Lilli,

    I bought the Gloria and Amanda dresses. Thought the service from Igigi was great. Will def buy from from them again.

  15. Very pretty dress. I looked at the Igigi site but I don't think their sizes will work for me. My bust appears to a be a 14, my hips a 12, and my waist is several inches smaller than than the smallest size they've listed. I find it puzzling because some of their models appear to be a similar to me in size and shape. It makes me wonder if the size charts are accurate or not. I've also been disappointed with the Bravissimo jersey dresses because the fabric is thin and clingy. It would be nice to find an alternative.

  16. Anon- the Igigi size chart is v.v.v.accurate. the only dress of theirs that I have purchased and found too clingy is the Gemina dress (which I returned with NO problems). I can't vouch for your measurement comparisons but I have purchased some 100-odd pieces and would have to say that theirs is one of the few online websites that are consistent in their sizing! Cheers, K

  17. Hi Reggae,
    Oh, that's great! Don't worry too much about Entitled – I've ordered from them in the past, they're a bit slow, butt the quality of the clothing is very good (or at least, it was 4 years ago!) I've actually just ordered the Gemima (hope it fits!) because I love the pink. I'm a pink girl at heart 🙂

    Hi Anon – yeah I'd agree. The Igigi size chart is pretty much bang-on (such a refreshing change!). I suppose you could always order up then have it taken in at the waist. I often suspect that the photos on the websites (Monif C is another one) show dresses that have been pinned to fit different shapes.

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