It’s raining, it’s pouring

Jacket: Dream Diva
Skirt: Dream Diva
Boots: Duo Boots
Sorry. It’s not a great shot, but the moment I stepped outside with the camera the heavens opened so this is what you get!
I bought this fabulous little jacket in the Dream Diva sales – down from $139 to a meagre $29. I love the fitted and flared silhouette, and I love the hot pink lining.
If you decide to treat yourself though, be really careful what you wear underneath because that very same hot pink lining dyed my t-shirt a light fuschia… Here’s hoping it washes out!

7 thoughts on “It’s raining, it’s pouring

  1. The jacket looks awesome on you, and 29$ is a really good deal! Plus, I'm a sucker for boots, so great outfit!

  2. Oh snap! I bought the same jacket last week but only paid $19 as the buttons on one of the sleeves was missing, but they had the spare buttons attached!

    Haven't worn it yet but thanks for the tip about the lining.

    Love the jacket with the denim skirt. never would have thought of that one.

  3. Haa haa, so funny.

    I bought the same jacket too for the $29 bargain and wore it with a denim skirt during the week!!

    I'm guilty of not taking any photos for the last 3 weeks while the boy is staying.. but I know you wear it well.

    Do you have a problem with the collar? Mine seems to stick up, even though I did iron it.

    Thanks for the warning about the lining. (I agree, it's so pretty, wish it was reversible)

  4. Thanks Anon! I bet it looks fab on you though!

    Luinae, you're talking to the queen of bootville here! I love them, and I have Too Many Pairs so I definitely have to wear them!

    Thanks Modest Mom – sounds like Anon below got it even better, too!

    Lucky you, Anon! Because of the casual nature of my job I found that wearing it as a bit of suiting was too formal. Hence the denim. EVERYTHING goes with denim! (Except more denim, or course)

    Thanks Sandra! Yep – I tried it on with jeans, and it does!

    Hi Deborah Lee – I haven't had a problem with the collar, though the little pleat at the back doesn't seem to sit flat. Maybe it's a seaming problem? Can you send it back to exchange?

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