Wattle happen?

Cardigan: Barkins
Jeans: Grace Hill @ Ezibuy
Boots: Duo Boots
Getting sick of the sour look on my face yet? I promise – starting tomorrow – that I’m hunting that smile down and putting it back where it belongs.
I hit up the Melbourne Design Market over the weekend – it’s a biannual market that features a lot of up-and-coming new designers. It’s always a crazy crush, but you just get some amazing pieces… including a rather fabulous little red handbag that I’ll be premiering some time in the near future.
It reminded me that you hadn’t seen any of the treasures I picked up at the Handmade Market last month in Canberra, so today I thought I’d put together an outfit with my new Epiphanie earrings: 

You can just catch a sneak peek of them behind my hair, but they’re these big faceted yellow balls, and they remind me of one of my favourite things, Wattle blossoms:

6 thoughts on “Wattle happen?

  1. Hi Lily
    I have been a long time lurker of your blog (love it) but havent posted any comments until now.
    You look like you have been losing weight from whatever stress it is you have been facing recently…
    Dont fade away on us lovely lady!

  2. Hey Lili – I saw you yesterday at the design market – but felt too stalkerish to come say hi. Have to say the first thing I noticed was your blue beret!
    Looking forward to seeing what you bought there – I found it too crowded to shop.

  3. Thanks everyone – I'm definitely on the mend, it's just not happening as fast as I would wish it to!
    MsMelly I've discovered – to my horror – that I'm one of those girls who looses her appetite during times of extreme anxiety. I'm definitely not fading away, I'm just not enjoying my food as much as I usually do. Le sigh. Even my favourite Cupcake shop couldn't tempt me.
    Supers you definitely should've said hi, it's absolutely not stalkerish at all!! I love meeting people face to face – I met a reader on Monday, and it was the highlight of my day (Hi Sheila!). The crowds were CRAZY though huh? I usually just end up pocketing truckloads of business cards and looking over websites at my own.

  4. I would just like to thank you for your adorable blog. I found you through reading Smaggle Style. Between you and Smaggle, I am thrilled every day when I get to read posts by wonderful women with real figures!

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