Spin me Round

Dress: Basque Woman @ Myer
Shoes: Wittner
I saw this dress had been discounted down from $160 to $100 a few weeks ago when I was out shopping with Himself’s Mum – I nearly bought it then, but wasn’t entirely 100% sold. I like the deco styling and the contrast between the black and the white, but my shopping has been a bit off lately (I know! Inconceivable!) and I wasn’t sure that I was willing to trust my judgement on such a statement piece, especially since the last thing I needed was another dress.
When I went back over the weekend it had been discounted down again to a paltry $50, and for a 100% merino wool dress that’s pretty good in anyone’s book so I bought it.
My inner Lillipilli (the one that’s still four years old and likes pretty things and pink) approves because it twirls delightfully!

(see, I told you I’d find that smile somewhere)

22 thoughts on “Spin me Round

  1. Gorgeous dress. I hope that the sun is starting to shine again in Lilliland the clouds are racing awa

  2. Niiiiiiiiice action shot! How cool does that look! I agree with Michelle, the twirlability is worth heaps-as is the smile on your face!


  3. Love the dress it looks very comfy too and more importantly you look stunning in it, I like your hair pulled back like that its very becoming….I agree with the others some serious envy going on over here!

  4. Love it Lilli – but then again, I have that dress and I got so many nice comments when I first wore it.

  5. The dress looks gorgeous on you. I think that black tights will be too much maybe because I like the bare leg look 🙂

  6. Thanks everyone! So I guess the dress is a success? (Oooh, I'm a poet and I didn't even know it!)

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