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Thanks girls, for indulging me in my “boo-hoo, my clothes are so boring” fit yesterday! I’ve got over myself today, and dusted off (that is, finally got around to ironing) this wonderful Two-In-One dress that I bought last year, and haven’t worn for – oh, months.
I’m seeing this style of skirt&skirt combo dress everywhere in Australian stores and online at the moment, and they’re such a great way to rock the secretary chic without having to constantly re-tuck your blouse into the back of your waistband.
Aussie buyers can try Portmans, Kmart, Ezibuy (especially Sara, who are doing a couple of dressy versions)
Internationally, Dorothy Perkins has a nice version with a ruffled bodice. Asos is totally on-season with this divine purple colour block dress. Torrid had at least six at time of writing There’s stacks of them on eBay, but it’s a bit laborious to search for them because everyone calls them something different. Start here for some cheap n’ cheerfuls.
As for my Frou-Frou:
Do you like my earrings? They’re made of real flowers and leaves that have been pressed, then preserved in resin.
As for my ring, it’s from the go-to cheapie jewelery shop Diva , Woo! Diva!

10 thoughts on “Twofer

  1. Thanks for the link, Anon – I may have to try it in some muted colours… work my way up to the brights! I've actually worn the dress with ankle-strap shoes – they're flat though.

    Thanks, Derya & kylcam!

    Michelle, I got the earrings from a market stall at the Night Markets in Melbourne (I think they're called Magical Florals, but the website seems to be down - ), There's a few online sellers who do them. Try:

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