Pants: Grace Hill @ Ezibuy
Shoes: Wittner
It’s not Frocks, and it’s not quite Frou Frou, but I have new specs!
And they’re red!
As a result I’ve eschewed my usual contact lenses for the four-eyes, and embraced my square self.
Nerdy comes naturally to me – I still remember the first time someone called me a square (and I still remember being square enough to not know what they meant!). I’m a reader, a classical music listener, a watcher of Buffy/Firefly/Star Wars.
I actually wish I was a bit more adventurous – especially when it comes to my wardrobe.
As winter approaches I’ve been seeing all sorts of great new trends; coloured tights, layering, contrasting prints. The OOTD (outfits of the day) that are regularly posted over at Fatshionista and on NoMoreMumus are positively inspiring and sometimes I worry that my own wardobe suffers from ordinariness by comparison.
Still, I suppose part of what makes fashion fashion is knowing what works on your own body, in your own social circle, and with your own personality.
And for me, a lace panel top and dressy jeans fits the bill just right. And my red glasses give it all a bit of secret grooviness.

That said, I’d love to have your advice on how I can inject a bit more personality into my outfits. How’re you all rocking the coloured tight trend? Can you teach me how to layer? Seen any great trends you’re loving at the moment?

16 thoughts on “Squared

  1. “I worry that my own wardobe suffers from ordinariness by comparison.”

    on the contrary!

    on the contrary, i think your sense of dress is unusual in in its skilfulness, elegance, expressiveness.

    i have the occasional critical thought (the jane bonbon jumper is an inch or two too long i think) but overall the sensuous composure and subtle femininity of your fashion sense is refreshing and educational too.

  2. I think your fashion sense rocks! It’s chic and simple which goes a long way in my opinion, and the confidence you have kicks it up another notch.

  3. lovely always with little need for fashion assistance – the minute you decide that you REALLY want to rock the colored tights or any other fashion trend I’m confident that you will do it in your own lovely style!!

  4. I happen to think your wardrobe is rather classic. My own is reasonably so as well.

    It all depends on personal style, I guess! If I was wearing your outfit, I’d probably either go bright lips, earrings, a bag or shoes in red. If Jasper was, she would probably wear a giant flower. πŸ˜‰

    As for coloured tights, I still play it pretty safe – neutrals with colours and all that.

    I’m all over lace tights for this winter. And am still looking for a red tulip shaped coat and tan boots.

  5. okay lil – as for injecting more personality into your style – only you can do this. you know best what works for you, as evidenced by your HOT sense of fashion. i always tend to think a brooch or funky necklace can add a bit of pop to an otherwise ‘boring’ outfit. i tend to wear a LOT of black (don’t most melbournians?) but try to keep it upbeat by adding some colourful shoes and accessories.
    as for colourful tights – hell yeah i will be rocking this look come winter time. i have just come back from japan where they wear what they want, how they want and boy do they know how to. nothing looks bad if you just have the confidence to go for it.
    if i am trying out a new colour and i’m not too sure about it, i just fake it until i like it. for example, i trick myself into believing they are just black shoes, until i realise they are in fact bright orange slingbacks but boy do they look good!
    so i say, go for it lil. if you like something, you should defo try it.

  6. I love the glasses! I think your style is YOUR style – don’t try to do what everyone else is doing – you are unique! Having said that….maybe inject some colour with a scarf or a funky necklace or belt?

  7. Just started reading your blog, but don’t be distracted by shiny objects LOL!

    The clothing pieces you choose are chic and unique. It’s not just a teeshirt, the shirt has plenty of detail, same with the jeans.

    I think people tend to “overdo” when they know they will be taking pics of themselves. Often when I see people in those photos, I can’t imagine the outfits making sense in the real world. LOL

    You obviously have a good nose about what you like and what to wear – don’t feel any pressure to add/do/wear more. πŸ™‚

  8. i think you have awesome style, and are an inspiration to lots of women. one of the best things about your site is that it identifies with aussie girls – the other links you listed are american. we think your awesome.

  9. Oh shush, you’re the coolest person I know. I have no advice, apart from keep on keepin’ on, and wear more deer-related stuff.

    I wore coloured tights only once, about eighteen months ago – bright red with a black dress and shoes. I thought I was pretty freaking awesome. I want those blue tights with the peacock feather look from modcloth – also I want the guts to do that look again. Also a skirt.

  10. I can only agree with everyone else – you definatley have your own distinct sense of style! You put your outfits together perfectly and accessories (you seem to love etsy as much as me!) always compliment your outfit. You’re wearing them, as opposed to the other way around. And who can rock a dress like you? Not many – if any!

  11. Bit late to this one, but gah! you have a great sense of style – always real world as opposed to the kind of fashion that I can only imagine wearing if I worked in american apparel or a vintage clothes shop!

  12. Lilli, I think you always look a million dollars! I think you dress very well, and you’re always jazzing up your outfits with lovely, quirky details (shoes, jewellery, trims or features on different tops etc). You know what works and you always look funky, natural and comfortable in your outfits. Nothing ordinary at all!

    I’m so excited about winter and winter clothing. I’ll be doing pastels and pale colours this winter; I love the idea of pale spring florals worn with pastel coats, tights, jackets, makeup and accessories in cold weather. I’ll also be doing the tights-of-all-sorts, bright colours etc, but that’s what I usually wear and would like to try something different this time around πŸ™‚

  13. Oops, I forgot to add that I love your style! It’s adorable, elegant, simple, complex….it’s anything but boring. πŸ™‚

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