Summer Days

Dress: Torrid (bought secondhand)
Shoes: Zu
Quick! Shield your eyes! This is one of the cheeriest, brightest, most sunny summer days dress I’ve ever owned!
I bought it secondhand, and I’m so delighted that it fits, and that it arrived in perfect time for this string of swelteringly 40+ degree days (ugh).
How are the rest of you coping?

15 thoughts on “Summer Days

  1. That frock has summer written all over it! Mum n Dad have been melting down there the last few days, they hate the heat (and blame by boy’s parents, cos they just moved to Melbourne from Adelaide! hehe

    Sydney has just been horridly humid, I hate it! When I don’t have to be out and about and presentable I’m hangin around the house in my lace edged singlet top and the okanui boardies I bought for the boy a month or so back…no really, they were for him, honest…hehe

  2. I love that dress. It looks like it could even work belted when the weather cools a little.

    Loving your blog Lilli. 🙂

  3. It is snowing here. I am wearing my husbands hoodie and uggs. we have a proper fire going, the heating on full blast and it is still COLD! Am jealous of your sun dress…

  4. Im thinking about buying some clothes from Torrid. Are they of good quality? What is your experience like with their clothes?

    Love your blog btw!

  5. i LOVE this look on you lil, the dress fits in all the right places and the print looks fantastic. i want one of my very own, i am obsessed with all things dress/skirt related…

  6. Oooo, it looks so summery and delicious, just like sorbet.
    It is my ambition to buy something, anything actually that isn’t black…or red…or black with red.

  7. Hi Kellytubbie – is your lace trimmed singlet DIY? I love the look, it’s such a great way of glamming up a basic item!

    Chantelle, I was actually thinking the same thing when I saw it, but when it arrived I realised it had an attached sash, so I’m not sure how it’s going to work. Will give it a whirl, though!

    You lucky thing, Stripes. Winter-wear’s the BEST!

    Torrid clothes can be a bit hit or miss, FWMTS. They’re all made by different companies, so depending on whether it’s Torrid’s own brand (this dress is, and it’s excellent) or whether it’s Baby Phat, or Rocawear, etc etc.

    Hi Bec, thanks for that (and thanks for your defense, too) I guess the dress isn’t to everyone’s taste – the print’s pretty… out there. It’s retro and cheery, and I like it, which is – I suppose – the main thing. I don’t mind people having a different opinion, though “erk” isn’t terribly helpful feedback, lol!

  8. Callie I have to admit that’s one of the reasons it drew my eye. I was looking in my wardrobe and nearly everything’s red, white or blue. (Or black, because it’s Melbourne). It’s totally patriotic, but sometimes a girl just wants a bit of lemon sorbet, right?

  9. Lol, I just love anons, don’t you? 😉

    This is cheery, and look so retro! I’d love to see it with some purple shoes (oooo, now I want some. Shop time!)

  10. I love that dress. In fact, I just recently sold one to someone over at Fatshionista on lj. Was it you?

  11. Yes the dress looks terrific on you anyways without belt. But I must say the DIY yellow is the best. It just lifts it. But I do think that new shoes are the go!! Then maybe back to deciding belt or no belt. My vote is the DIY. I Love your blog. My Fave. Thank Lilli

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