Belt up.

Dress: La Madeleine
Way back in November I ordered this rather cute custom-made dress from Etsy seller La Madeleine
There’s been a tad of to-ing and fro-ing to get it to fit, but it’s finally ready to premiere on Frocks and Frou Frou.
I love the fabric, but I do think the dress needs a belt to break it up a little – disregard the completely inappropriate shoes (I don’t have any that match *sob*… may have to buy some new ones, heheh) and let me know what you think.
Belt: Alta Linea (from David Jones)
Belt: Jag

Belt: Free with dress from Donna Morgan

Belt: DIY with brooch (gifted from gorgeous friend)

18 thoughts on “Belt up.

  1. oh my lordy, i LOVE this dress! i agree, defo needs a belt. although, maybe a black belt is too ‘heavy’ – it is such a light summery dress, i think it needs a colourful one…and strappy sandles, dress it down and have fun with it. but all in all – LOVE it.

  2. WOW!!!

    The dress is so bold and brillant I love it without a belt OR with the DIY belt the best
    it definately doesnt need much in the way of accessories huh 🙂

  3. Try it with your red Filippo Raphael shoes, no belt, and/or a set of bold beads….that might work if you think the print needs toning down.

    Great dress Lili, and I have to say that I would never have known you were 5’3″ until you mentioned it a while back. You totally know what works for you!

  4. That is sooooo cute! I don’t think it needs a belt, but if you must belt I think your DIY is the best, I think the black/brown ones are a bit heavy for it. You have such a good eye for groovy! Suki’s going to be flying up your legs to get to those birdies (like she needs an excuse if she’s like any burmese I know! hehehe)

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the dress. I don’t think you need a belt. Shoes and ear rings would be enough embelishment!

  6. no belt needed! also the red shoes actually work really well. maybe some red beads or red earrings and you’ve got a complete outfit.

  7. Are those shoes red or pink? I actually LOVE yellow & red together and think a red belt (or even green or navy blue) would work amazingly with that dress. And it's gorgeous by the way.

  8. I think it needs a heavy necklace or something to break up the neckline, while its a gorgeous dress, the neckline is a little high for my liking. You need a lower necklince to show off your gorgeous decolletage!

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