Shop Local: Saving the economy, one indulgence at a time

T-Shirt: Country Road
Belt: Fiorelli
Collar: Antique (belonged to my great aunt!)
In a desperate attempt to stave off impending recession and stimulate the local economy our federal government is encouraging people to spend up big in the coming months.
C’mon! When was the last time “in the service of your country” meant hitting the shops?
Because I’m a good patriot (heheh) I did my part this weekend and splurged on some new items from local Australian designers.
I came home with armfulls of new clothes and accessories (and a new camera – hurrah!) so I’m officially designating this week Shop Local Week. Drop in every day for a new Australian outfit, and keep stores & designers in mind for when you get your stimulus package.

First up in my new bundle of goodies is this fantastic pair of Embody Fever Jeans. They’re a lovely fit and have higher waist than most Embody jeans which is great for those days when you need a little more support. The colour’s a true unfaded blue, making them a great pair to dress up for a night on the town.

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Natalie Wakeling’s denim brand and every time I get a new pair I have a new favourite, but these, these are definitely at the top of my list right now.

5 thoughts on “Shop Local: Saving the economy, one indulgence at a time

  1. You look amazing! Those jeans look sooo good. I need to get a pair for myself, i’ve also got my eye on the Fever jean.

  2. I second that YOU do look amazing
    fresh faced, perfect hair, pretty lace and a perky toosh! hahaha

    love the gold belt too really makes the outfit

  3. I love the lace collar, it is beautiful. And I too am a massive fan of Embody denim, I have the Fever jeans too as well as the Tempt narrow jeans. LOVE them. Who would have thought it possible to buy jeans that fit perfectly first time over the internet!?!?!

    Thanks for all the gorgeous outfit ideas.

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