Shop Local: Part 2

God how I love this dress.

There’s something so wonderfully retro about it, and it fits amazingly well considering I’ve never met a sheath dress that liked my combination of boobsandthighs.

Ostensibly I bought this for a wedding that Himself and I are attending on Valentine’s Day. I’d been eyeing up a strapless lace bodice dress from City Chic (Go. Look at it instore. It looks really good on) but instead I bought this 50’s confection because, well, because I couldn’t say no. And because I’m likely to get much more wear out of it as a day-to-day dress as well as a going-out dress (and a visiting the in-laws dress, and an attending a christening dress, and a… well you get the drift).

If you look closely you’ll notice that the print is, er, poppies but Queen Clothing also do it in a kind of dusky red, and I managed to restrain myself and get the blue, which I actually love more. So that’s OK.

Plus it looks great with a belt!
Belt: City Chic

Queen Clothing is one of those Melbourne staples that all fashionistas should make a point of visiting a couple of times a year. They stock their own house label (Queen, up to a size 18) which is the brainchild of owner/designer Christine Boyle, but also have a good range from up and coming designers like Manque Design and Magdalena as well as accessories from stores including Shonah and Emotional Baggage.

If Fitzroy is a bit of a trek out it’s worth checking Cat’s Meow a tiny well-stocked independent clothing store hidden away in the Flinder’s Station subway. They stock Queen Clothing among other great local designers. And since you’ll be in the area anyway, make sure you visit Little Cupcakes for the best cupcakes in Melbourne (Crabapple Cupcake Bakery be damned).

7 thoughts on “Shop Local: Part 2

  1. Can’t say I am a lover of dresses (I only own two!), but I love the one that features in your blog. I’m also glad that you mentioned Emotional Baggage, I own a few items of there and they are great. Anyone from Melbourne should check out the market at Flemington Racecourse and check out the Emotional Baggage store.

  2. Great tips, Sarah-Jo! I haven’t heard of either of those stores before, but there’s some great stuff on both! Have you ordered from them before?

    Anon, I’ve been dying to get out to the Flemington Markets, but haven’t made the trek yet. So it’s worth it?

  3. Yes Lazybones is a fave of mine
    BUT I tend to stick to their sale section as you can score really great bargains
    last year I got some beautiful summer dresses for $10 each

    their winter collection is amazing this year so be sure to check it out

    they are also very friendly and their service is prompt, clothes and Jarmies are lush!

    Bamboo body…I just got an order from them this week and love it
    very comfy and great as lounge and excercise wear (if your that way inclined hahaa)
    I also got some of their winter tops for $10 at one of their stockists so be sure to check out that section too

  4. I enjoy going to the market every month – more so because I basically live across the road. There is a variety of stalls and the egg and bacon rolls are amazing as are the Italian donuts 🙂

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