Birds of a Feather

Top: Country Road
Pants: PingPong
Belt: Jag
Shoes: Joanne Mercer
Necklace: Foudre Blanche

It all began – as it usually does – with a craving for something I’d seen in my travels.

This time it was the marvellously flamboyant feather necklace that Mimco released a few seasons ago:

Like a lot of girls, I have a bit of a crush on Mimco, but I get the feeling it’s an unrequited love. See, while I love the quirky jewellery, and the lust-worthy bags and accessories I can’t shake the feeling that Mimco’s marking up their products way beyond reasonable profit margins, and that in fact, that divine $140 (plastic, always plastic) brooch was made by some little tot in China and was sold to Mimco by the thousands for the princely sum of $1.23 per unit.

So, while I mooned over the above necklace (marked down to “only” $180 at the local Mimco Clearance Centre) I knew in my heart of hearts that should I care look hunt for it, a similar object could be found for a fraction of the price.


Necklace: Foudre Blanche

This feather and porcelain necklace is not quite as decadent as it’s antipodean counterpart, but it’s infinitely more wearable, and for a miserly US$16 + P&H I’m absolutely delighted.

So is Suki (who’s leash-trained! amazing, huh?). She seems to view it as a bit of dismembered Sparrow, and has been gazing at me with what I assume is a combination of awe and approval since I put it on.

Etsy is apparently the go-to place if you have a craving for feathers, and I found a couple of other really nice pieces when I was searching for this one.

This headband from Miss Ruby Sue would put the perfect finishing touch on an LBD
These earrings from Wild Spirits are too cool for school. A bit a pizazz and colour for a dreary day

I picture this headband – Vie Moderne – teamed with a black t-shirt and a full red skirt.

Of course, the best thing about feathers is that it’s really easy to DIY. If you have the time and inclination you can pop onto etsy to get some ideas, then pick up some supplies and get cracking.

Most self-respecting craft shops will sell a selection of feathers, but you can also try Feathers:Fashion:Fantasy for a really comprehensive range. I should add though that I can’t find anything that states that FFF harvests their feathers humanely (most sellers on etsy do) so it’s probably safe to bet that they don’t.

4 thoughts on “Birds of a Feather

  1. Ooooh I looove feathers….I reckon Suki would love to get her mitts on it! hehehehe

    I’m with you and Mimco…there have been a few bags in there that I have loved, but I just can’t justify the silly prices, they really do have tickets on themselves…

  2. Yeah, it’s one of those brands where I’m DELIGHTED to get something as a gift, but I simply can’t bring myself to part with the cash to buy it myself.
    Of course that said, today I’m wearing a headband I bought from them last week (plastic, of course). It was 20% off but still cost over $30 *shakes head at self*

  3. the only thing wrong with this look is that i HATE birds and therefore feathers are a no go for me, but it looks hot on you (as if that is anything new)! oh, and i LOVE that suki is leash trained…what a clever kitty!

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