One of the things I find most inspiring about some of my fellow fashion bloggers is the ease with which they put together outfits gleaned from thrift shops and op-shop goodies.

Bloggers like Caroline at the Second-Hand Shopper (and closer to home Lady Smaggle at Smaggle Style) leave me wishfully prowling the racks at my local charity shops in the hope of finding that special vintage item that I can effortlessly waltz out of the house in.
Alas, it would seem that I don’t quite have the gene that allows me to look at a fedora hat, a man’s shirt and some cowboy boots and make a fashion statement out of it.
Plus (though it sounds like a cop-out) I think that being… on the curvier side really hampers my ability to find items that will actually fit in most of the op-shops (God knows what the plus-sized ladies of years past did with their frocks, but they sure as heck didn’t donate them to charity!)
Well, I did some searching, and I found a few places online that cater to – or specialise in – plus-sized vintage-wear.
Obviously there’s eBay, where I found today’s outfit:

Dress: eBay

There’s a treasure trove of vintage sellers on Etsy but the following always have a great range for larger sizes:



Other websites include:


Obviously price and quality can vary wildy, but the upside is that because most vintage stores give measurements, rather than a size chart you’re more likely to get a good fit.

I’d love to know any others if any of you have some good pointers. Anyone know of someone in Australia who’s doing good thrifted items in larger sizes? Leave me a message!

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  1. I can definitely have trouble buying vintage or thrifting clothing. I usually stick to skirts and accessories. Of course, there is ebay, but I can be so very lazy. Thanks for the listings, I’m totally going through and bookmarking. 😀

  2. savers baby, savers- where in melbourne are you? Savers are Brunswick, Footscray, Dandenong and Frankston- everything is organised into style- as in pants, dresses, long sleeved tops, short sleeved, and then put into size order. so you can go straight to the pants and look for them in size 22 for example- brilliant! Check out my blog, I have a LOT of savers items but have only started religiously posting my clothes as I am lazy lol- I think the search is half the fun in thrift shopping by the way! have fun!

  3. I am DANGEROUSLY in love with that striped dress from thrush…but I’m trying to maintain a New Year’s resolution not to buy any new clothes until April (over-flowing wardrobe anyone?)

    Pre-resolution I bought an amazing 70s jacket from Cuddlebunny…just waiting for the weather to get colder!

    I REALLY hope someone suggests an awesome thrift/vintage destination for plus sizes in Sydney!

  4. woo-hoo!
    i opened up my Google Analytics page this afternoon, and was shocked by how many people from Australia had visited my shop today.. (even tho australian vinties are my most loyal international buyers so far, xoxo)

    then i investigated further and saw that they had been directed to me from frocksandfroufrou… so I came over to see…. ME! or rather, my little shop listed as a place to visit for larger sized vintage. and I am in GREAT company!

    Thanks so much for including me…
    Just wait until you see what’s coming for Sabrosa in March!! I have a large selection of 50’s and 60’s dresses up to a modern size 24, and tons of tops, skirts and dresses for all sizes from the 70’s and 80’s.

    I am also offering $2 off shipping for anyone who requests it! Share the love!!!

    Carrie ~

  5. Hey there!

    Thanks for the shout out! I too am a little on the curvier side, and being a pear shape find it difficult to find real vintage large enough to accommodate my waist and especially hips/bum. I have a very large bum (note how my outfit shots are always front facing, and how I very rarely wear trousers!) but have found lots of stuff on ebay over the years and learnt to buy either A-line or free-size-hipped skirts!

    My main tip is to really study the individual components of vintage looks that I like, as most have made a come-back in later years. The 70s, for example, harked back to the 1940s ‘new look’ midi skirt length (which the catwalks are pushing again now), but still catered for slightly fuller figures. The 80s also featured a major 50s revival with waisted dresses with full skirts and off-the-shoulder looks. They took it overboard all too often, but the big bows, shoulder pads and puff sleeves can often be removed to create a softer more original look.

    Finally, if you are buying into 80s (or some 70s) clothes get acquainted with the popular labels and learn which fit your figure. I know that the 80s Laura Ashley dresses in size 16 fit me like a glove, but anything 70s from St Michael in a 16 or even 18 will not pull over my thighs. Never buy anything without checking the measurements first.

    And p.s. I LOVE the floral 50s style dress you wore in your “Feeling hot, hot hot” post – Gorgeous!

  6. I love vintage but am so bad at shopping can never find the good things…I really thing you should take me shopping – teach me how to do it

  7. **So I posted this in the wrong entry before**

    Thank you so much for posting this! At times it feels immpossible to find vintage plus size.I’m glad to see you posted Thrush’s etsy shop I check it everyday and she is amazing I’ve brought from her before, she is one of the greatest sellers so helpful!

  8. Are you only highlighting shops that sell online? If not, I would suggest that anyone passing through NYC should visit my shop, Re/Dress NYC. We sell amazing vintage starting at a size 10 and going up. From the 40’s through the 80’s with a special love for glorious curve lovin’ stretch poly, but also we have a whole host of 1950’s cotton day dresses.

    Eventually we will be selling online. Hopefully in a few months or so.

    Check out for more information. Thanks for this really awesome post!

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