Crime of Fashion

Dress: Perri Cutten
Shoes: Fillipo Raphael
Necklace: from Rose St Market
I’m glad it’s hot today, because I wanted to share this great dress that I picked up during my fruitful/fruitless jaunt to Bridge Road on Saturday.
I didn’t really need it, but it fits so wonderfully, and it was on sale.
Down from $240 (!) to $35 (!!!)
The gorgeous Sonya from No More Mumus assures me that it would’ve been a crime not to buy it, and you know what a stickler I am for obeying the law…

8 thoughts on “Crime of Fashion

  1. Great pattern. Love the black/white/red combination. You really do look fabulous. Wonderful weather when you can wear boots one day and almost nothing the next!

  2. the red, i always love the splash of red! it can make an otherwise bland outfit pop. i speak from experience, my outfit today is a bit blah – 37 degrees in melbourne calls for simple and cool. pop on some red shoes and a red brooch and bang, i’m looking stylish! looking hot lilli! (as always)

  3. Thank you so much for posting this! At times it feels immpossible to find vintage plus size.I’m glad to see you posted Thrush’s etsy shop I check it everyday and she is amazing I’ve brought from her before, she is one of the greatest sellers so helpful!

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