There’s not a big range of “Unmentionables” (read: knickers) for curvy girlies. Not fun ones, anyway.

The range for gals 16+ seem to fall into two categories: Pornographic or Practical.

Personally I prefer the “practical” style, so my knickers drawer is made up of sensible cotton panties from Target and K-Mart. The most adventurous of them have (gasp!) floral or polkadot patterns.

It doesn’t stop me from pining over the fun prints, colours and ruffles that can be found two racks over in the “regular” section; so after living vicariously for years I approached etsy seller TouchMeNot (http://touchmenot.etsy.com/) and asked her to make me an entire lingerie drawer of fun – but practical – knickers.

Mary worked very closely with me – even going so far as to send (for free! From Canada!) a trial pair, to make sure we got the sizing right – and my finished results arrived today.

I honestly couldn’t be happier – my parcel was a veritable candy box of colours and prints, different styles and cuts, and even a pair of ruffle-butt tanga knickers. Ten pairs in total, which means I can chuck out my entire collection of boring cotton nana-pants and replace them with a cornucopia of Mary’s wildly comfortable and tantalizingly flash-worthy creations. Of which the following is a tiny sample:

If, like me, you’re keen to overhaul the knickers drawer and treat yourself to some fun new panties drop Mary a line – she also has a blog: http://pedal-pushers.livejournal.com/ which gives you a tasty little glimpse of her full range

7 thoughts on “Unmentionables

  1. OMG they are so lovely!! I’ve been buying my knickers from Victoria’s Secret for years (practical cotton ones) but I really want some of these now!!

  2. Treat yourself, Suze! They’re really comfortable – especially the blue and white pair with the ruched front. Totally flattering, too!

  3. Mmm… the discussion about underwear over on the V forums has me considering getting some of these.

    Her sizing looks to be for smaller people, what size did you end up going Lilli? Or she just did custom based on your measurements?

    (Kehly btw) 😉

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