And the winner is….

“A Heart for My Princess Medal Brooch” – DeepIndigo @

And the winner of the which-way skirt is….

D. Big Circles Up, Blue

(but only by a hair – in fact I had to call in Himself to break the tie between b & d)
Skirt: DIY from Ikea fabric and Butterick Pattern
Shoes: Diana Ferrari

I’m pretty happy with the results – it’s the first thing I’ve even sewn from scratch that I’d actually deign to wear in public – it was crazily easy to make, and only took an hour or so (even with a bit of uh-oh unpicking).

I used an el cheapo Butterick Pattern (See & Sew Pattern Number B4710, for those of you interested) and I fudged the pattern a little because as you can see it had a separate waistband, some extraneous ribbons, and the back had two panels, which looked odd with such a robust print.

In fact it took so little time to make, that I even had the chance to wear it out to the Supermarket, and no-one pointed and stared, so overall I’d have to say my experiment was a success!

Oh, and Kellytubbie – the mocha lace ones 😉

12 thoughts on “And the winner is….

  1. Oh Brilliant!!

    Great job!!!!!!

    I would have been pointing going “where the heck did you find that fab skirt?”

    I voted D woo hoo.. must mean I have great taste!!

  2. Oh, it looks divine! I am completely impressed by both it and you. Even the boy one was peering over my shoulder and let out an exclamation and said, “You could totally do that! Go on!” yet again overestimating my skills and ability to follow through with an idea.

    🙂 new-perestroika

  3. Nicely done, the skirt is gorgeous! Now stop telling me about your undies! Everyone’s gonna think I’m a creepy perve! Hmmm, hang on, maybe I am….

  4. Wooo, nice one! Hot hot hot. Well you have inspired me right back… I did the hard core road trip (Canberra to Sydney) to my nearest Ikea today and would you know, I just had to grab some of your fabric to do one for myself!!! I also bought some other fabric for a show stopping summer dress, but I must resist until my market is over (it’s in a week… eeeep)!

  5. I lurve how your skirt turned out! the pattern, colours and cut is bang-on! It really suits you and has inspired me to do some fabric shopping for some home made dresses and skirts too…your blog is awesome by the way, I always enjoy your posts and pics, you always look so stylish and fashion-forward. Keep up the great work! Gina (versace_vixen on vogue forums)

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