The Boots were made for Walking

Top: Sussan www.sussan.com.au
Dress: 8inkerman www.8inkerman.com
Leggings: MySize www.mysize.com.au
Boots: Boots For Broads www.bootsforbroads.com.au
Obi Belt: Yoshi Jones www.yoshijones.com

Man, it’s fridgid today in Melbourne. I ventured out in the attempt to find a 30th birthday present for a friend (alas, no luck) and it took me three goes to find an outfit that worked that I wouldn’t also perish of exposure in.

I often choose my day’s wardrobe from a single item, then build up, and since I received my new red boots (red boots!) that one item is usually my shoes. er, boots.

But, because I’m a bit anal about this sort of thing, I have to wear things that match, and what I’ve discovered it, not much goes with red boots.

For starters you kind of have to go with a skirt, because the whole red boots over pants thing is just a smidge superhero (Superman, Spiderman, Captain America, Iron Man – dude, red boots are the footwear of choice for comic-book fodder)

Today I decided to haul my cashmere sweater dress out of storage, because its comfortable and snuggly, but I can’t ever find a top to put under it that looks right, and while I look quite poochy in it unless I also wear a belt, I can never find a belt that works either. Coupled with the requirement that something ties it to the red boots the only thing I could do was wear it with my Yoshi Jones Obi and hope for the best.

I’m not entirely sold on it as an outfit, and I’m thinking I may have to invest in a new sweater dress for next winter (there’s a few nice ones at Victoria’s Secret www.victoriassecret.com that I’ve got my eye on ). One that will go perfectly with my red boots.

Hell, I might just indulge now, because it doesn’t feel like it’s going to warm up any time soon.

Do me a favour and keep your eyes peeled, huh?

Oh, also – I’ve had a few queries about the heel and style of the red boots – It’s the “Jennifer” style at www.bootsforbroads.com.au they have a sturdy 5cm block heel, and after I installed a little gel innersole they are perfectly comfortable to wear all day.

7 thoughts on “The Boots were made for Walking

  1. I’m rather partial to the mink. I like chocolate colours though. The black is perfect for investment .. but seems a little “obvious” to me.

    THOUGH.. it would be easy to accessorise with everything.

    Lovely dress and the boots look great. 🙂

  2. Thanks Deb – I’m leaning towards the chocolate, I think. I agree the black’s a bit obvious, and I already have a grey cashmere sweater dress (sort of)

    Good find there, Ruby – I haven’t come across her before! I love the Houndstooth dress… I wonder if she makes to size….

  3. I can honestly say I would never be able to pull of those boots as well you do, I think the outfit is gorgeous! especially love the obi belt

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