Plum Crazy

Dress: Capture @ Ezibuy www.ezibuy.com.au
Shoes: Poetic License www.poeticlicence.us
First, let me apologise for going AWOL for a whole week! I’d love to say that I’ve been jetsetting around the world on a fabulous holiday, but really it’s just been a manic week, with interstate visitors and the long-mad-leadup to a retail Christmas.
Plus, Melbourne’s decided that she hasn’t had enough of winter yet, thankyou-very-much, and after a unseasonably hot and sticky couple of days the mercury has once again plummeted into the teens. Good news for my new red boots (hurrah!) bad news for the rest of the wardrobe.
I’m feeling sadly uninspired by my cool-weather clothing – especially with all my new floaty dresses and floral skirts batting their eyelashes at me from the closet. I’ve grudgingly reclaimed a few cardigans and sweaters from storage, but for the most part I’m shivering it out in trans-seasonal shirts and dresses like this one.
This mock-wrap dress is a gorgeous plummy colour that disappointed me dreadfully when I received it in a package from Ezibuy (www.ezibuy.com.au). On the website it looks like my favourite blood-red hue but in real life it’s closer to raspberry. I’m glad I held on to it though – it’s a very warm colour, and probably more wearable than scarlet – it’s also a dress that I reach for when I’m low on time because it needs nothing to complete the look; it doesn’t need to be ironed, and it goes with nearly every pair of shoes in my cupboard (except my red boots!).

7 thoughts on “Plum Crazy

  1. I love that colour. I am waiting for a dress in that very colour to come from the States. With the cost of the Aussie dollar it’s not as cheap as it would have been a few months ago, but it’s still cheaper than City Chic and something I’d be able to wear to work.

    I’m interested in you saying you can wear any colour shoes with it .. other than red. Arrgh, I never though about what would go with it. What is your favourite colour to wear with that dress? (See you can wear red shoes.. just not boots :))

  2. Oooh, pretty.

    How long does it usually take from orders to arrive in Melbourne from EziBuy? I have never made a purchase there before, but I have my eyes on a cardigan or two…

  3. Oooh, scrumptious, Deb! You’re going to look stunning, it’s a great shade for your colouring!
    I guess the shoes I wear most often with the dress are my camel coloured pumps from Zu Shoes: (http://frocksandfroufrou.blogspot.com/2008/10/surprise.html)
    but the Poetic Licence shoes I’m wearing it with in today’s pic are a wonderful accompaniment, too. In winter I mostly wear it with my dark brown boots from Shoebuy
    (Like so: http://frocksandfroufrou.blogspot.com/2008/09/friday-fashion-fix.html)
    It has a little faux-wood buckle in a similar dark brown which ties the shoes and boots together.

  4. It sort of depends. Sometimes it comes really quickly (within the week) and other times it could take a few weeks for them to get their act together. They’re offering Free Delivery until Monday (24th Novemver) with the code “WEEKEND” if you’re deliberating…

  5. That colour is great on you! It’s a lovely dress.

    In answer to Anon, above, the Ezibuy distribution warehouse is in NZ. This month, I think sheep must be swimming over with the deliveries, because I put in an order on 9 November and am still waiting for it. Plonkers.

  6. I love your dress and it looks great on you. But I do think that if you hemmed it to the knee it would be even more flattering; that mid-calf length can be a little frumpy, you know?

    Great blog. Thanks for sharing your sartorial point of view.

  7. Thanks for the feedback Lilli. I have to say you don’t look frumpy at all in the dress, and I’ve checked out the link with the boots (I have very similar ones, can’t wait for cooler weather again) and having the dress the length it is makes it very versitile. Shortening it means it wouldn’t look as wonderful with your boots. I vote keep the length!!

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