What to wear when you have nothing to wear

Vest: Barkins www.barkins.com.au
Top: Ezibuy www.ezibuy.com.au
Jeans: Piper @ Myer www.myer.com.au
Boots: Duo Boots www.duoboots.com
Even though my wardrobe is groaning at the seams I still have those days where I stand before my cornucopia of clothing in a towel going “I have nothing to wear”.
This is the outfit that I always end up wearing on those days (at least in winter. And autumn. And sometimes in spring)
It took me a while to come to the Boots-over-Jeans look. I think like all bigcalved girls the idea of finding a pair of boots that do up is challenging enough, without the added indignity of trying to zip them up over a layer of denim, too. Plus, the simple equation of Boots-Over-Jeans=Short-Top was a bit confronting to my cover-tummy-at-all-costs mentality.
Bugger me though, it actually works.
This vest top – bought in multiples, thank God, from Barkins (I also got it in cream) – is the most wearable vest I have in my wardrobe, and the day it falls to pieces I will cry like a baby. There’s something about the way it drapes that is just so flattering – I’m actually thinking of posting it to an etsian knitter to see if they can duplicate the pattern (on account of, all I can manage is wonky scarves)

4 thoughts on “What to wear when you have nothing to wear

  1. Wow. I want that outfit. If you manage to find a person who would be willing to make some of that vest up do you think you could give me their details? I’d love a vest like that. As I have really wide calves and ankles any sexy way to hide my legs is a must buy for me. Where abouts did you get your duo boots from – like is there a store on ebay for them? Love your style!

  2. Hiya ashalind! I absolutely will let you know how I go with the etsy knitters.
    I bought the boots from Duo direct – the internatioanl shipping is ridiculously fast – costs 20 pounds, but takes less than a week to arrive. I have another pair of boots coming from a local designer though (Boots for Broads, based in Canberra), so when they arrive I’ll blog about them on here – they’re MUCH cheaper than Duo.

  3. You look great! I’m a recent convert to the boots over jeans look. I’ve always loved it on others and didn’t think I could pull it off.

  4. THAT is your nothing to wear look?!?!? OMG, it is fantastic.

    I love boots over jeans, but I need to find a good way to wear. Recently found some boots I like. Thanks for the style inspiration!

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