Smock Frock Shock

Despite being told in no uncertain terms that I shouldn’t wear those wonderful smock dresses (on account of “you don’t want people to think you’re pregnant” – thanks, Mum) I simply can’t go past the freedom of them.

When you’re wearing a smock frock you can let it all comfortably hang out, you don’t have to keep your tummy sucked in, or worry that your waistband is cutting your in half. Teamed with a pair of legging they’re the ultimate casual chic outfit, perfect for a long day shopping, mooching around at home, or suffering through a long car ride.
While the smock dress was in vogue (and tragically I think it’s on the way out) it was a great leveller. I found myself capable of shopping at stores I’d never darkened the door of before… and fitting into the clothes! True, you might have a wobbly tummy, or generous thighs, or a thick waist, but when you’re wearing a smock dress you have the same shape as every other girl on the street.
I think there’s a few good pointers you can take into advice when your smocking up the curvier figure – for one thing it’s a good idea to have a bit of a yoke, so the dress isn’t just billowing around your bust. I also think that it’s better to steer away from the a-line shift, it’s just all a bit too triangular. Short sleeves are a must, long-sleeved smock dresses look too voluminous. Plus they really shouldn’t be much longer than your knees (plus this gives your the opportunity to flash your leggings)
Dress: bought at the Queen Victoria Markets
Leggings: My Size www.mysize.com.au
Shoes: Zensu www.zensu.com.au
I had a little search online, and found a few gorgeous smock dresses for those who are still on the hunt for a good one:
I love the Art Deco styling of this Kennedy Dress from B& Lu: www.bandlu.com
This Ocean Front dress from Alight www.alight.com is a fun one for summer

This gorgeously clean-cut dress is from the Emerge line at Ezibuy www.ezibuy.com.au

4 thoughts on “Smock Frock Shock

  1. Have you ordered from Alight before? They have some really cute dresses but am not sure what there customer service/shipping is like.

  2. Hi Sarah,
    I haven’t, I’m afraid, but a friend of mine has, and she was pretty pleased with the transaction. She did mention that the Blue Plate dresses were a bit stingy around the boosies, but that the quality was good.

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