The pants dance

Top: Victoria’s Secret
Belt: Jag
Jeans: Embody Denim
Shoes: Rocket Dog
Despite the fact I’m having A Bad Hair Day I’ve been doing the pants dance around the house, because I have new jeans (what more? yes, more!)
I’m loving my new Embody Bella high-waisted, wide-legged jeans. I’m not a big wide-leg fan – I figure there’s enough bulk down there already, and I do have a bit of a Gumby thing going on, but they were Embody’s and they were in my size, and they were almost a third of the usual price, so I bought them.
It was recently brought to my attention that Embody Denim sells their slightly iffy jeans online on eBay at so if you’re deliberating over shelling out the moolah for a pair of your very own, keep an eyes open, and the right pair might just make themselves available.
Meanwhile, after a somewhat harrowing experience with DHL, I also have a new handbag.

Handbag: Hobo International

This is my perfect dream handbag – the one I thought didn’t exist: It’s big, but not bulky. It’s classic, but not boring. It only has one strap, but it’s a shoulder bag, and it does up with a click-clack kisslock, which to be honest was the true selling point for me. It cost more than any other bag I’ve ever bought, and while I’m not saying I’d trade my firstborn for it, I’m just going to hedge my bets and say… is the baby cute?

Hobo International is “proud to offer international shipping”, or so the website says, but a closer look, and a quick email adds the disclaimer that “international shipping” doesn’t include Australia. Never fret, though. The range is stocked at Nordstrom who though according to the website “are not able to send orders internationally” actually do. There’s a flat-rate shipping cost of US$50, and you have to ring their customer service (From Australia it is 0011 1 206 303 4700 ). While you’re on there, peruse the rest of the range – they do some downright gorgeous clothing, and I’ll be blogging about them in weeks to come.

10 thoughts on “The pants dance

  1. Thanks for that link for the embody jeans I just picked up a pair for $50!!!! After saying I’ll never wear trousers again. Oh well maybe these will be miracle jeans!

  2. You look super great! Those jeans are fanatastic and I love the way you’ve styled them.

    Hmm, with the reduced prices on eBay, it’s so tempting to just buy all the types in my size and see what they’re like…

  3. I just bought a pair of Bellas from ebay too – and TOTALLY in love with them. They are my first pair of Embody jeans and I have already ordered a second (‘Chic’). I sense an addiction coming on…

    BTW – love the blog and your style lillipilli 🙂

  4. Hi Abi, that’s fantastic news! I’m glad you like the jeans. I’m wearing mine right now! I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog too!

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