Fat, not pregnant.

Jacket: Big W www.bigw.com.au
Top: Giordano www.giordano.com.au
Trousers: Jacqui E www.jacquie.com.au
Shoes: Zensu www.zensu.com.au
Ironically, days after I blogged about being advised not to wear smock dresses in case I get mistaken for the procreating I had one of those “fat, not pregnant” moments in what was decidedly not a smock dress.
I thought this ensemble looked pretty fetching, but accompanied by the ohgodmylegs hobble that I’ve been sporting since unwisely attending a bodypump class the night before I apparently looked so pregnant that a stranger was confident enough to query how far along I was (!).
Personally I’ve always had a policy than unless a women is in labor it’s exceedingly bad form to ask them how many months they’re gone, but obviously not everyone got the memo.
Never fear though: While it would be easy to dissolve into a puddle of self-loathing I’ve decided that actually it was quite hilarious, and the added bonus of watching a stranger try to prise the foot from their mouth was sweetened by the knowledge that she is unlikely to ever make a similar gaffe.

6 thoughts on “Fat, not pregnant.

  1. I think the whole “don’t ask until you see the baby” thing is a given in polite society. How rude!

    On the other hand, at my “farewell” lunch with my first child when I had 3 weeks to go until his birth, a colleague asked “So why are you leaving, anyway?” Uhh … dude, because another human is about to expel themselves from my loins. What did you think this huge lump was?

    I guess it just goes to show that people can be idiots no matter what!

    And you look totally cute in that outfit!

  2. Hi!

    Wow you are *such* a great writer, and your clothes are completely awesome. I’m an avid reader of your blog (followed you over from curvychick), and I have to say you are now my favorite! I love your sense of humor with that stranger!

  3. Hi Mafalda!
    That’s great! I’m so glad you’re enjoying it – I’m having a ball, and it’s making it SO much easier to rationalise the ridiculous number of clothes I buy, lol!

  4. I had a similar incident with some clients… I was running a meeting, and I offered to make an elderly woman some tea, she said ‘oh we should be making you tea’… which I thought was very nice of her because running these meetings is very hard. But then someone asked me whether it was a boy or a girl and the penny dropped.

    What I find hilarious is that I have seen these people several times, each time several months apart, and unless I’m very mistaken I’m not increasing in size. Which means I’ve been cookin for about a year, and the baby just ain’t growin.

  5. HA! What a great story, Tessa! I had a similar moment of “Oh, that’s nice” – the woman said “look at YOU!” first, which I thought meant “GREAT outfit!” until she continued with “How far along are you?”

  6. I am 38 weeks pregnant and I still even frigging hate being asked how far a long I am, that I look HUGE and am I sure I am not carrying twins. It’s probably because as I was chubby BEFORE being pregnant, being told you are HUGE is frankly, shit.

    You look gorgeous! Your style is amazing, and definitely NOT pregnant.

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