Form or Function

So I had an hour to spare between appointments today, and somehow found myself meandering through the Myer lingerie department. I scooped up a baker’s dozen of bras to try on, but still left empty handed, and it got me thinking about how often we women, especially the curvier among us, have to sacrifice form for function – or vice versa – when we’re on the hunt for an over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder (as my Mum so poetically dubbed it)

It simply doesn’t seem possible for a bra to be both sexy and comfortable.

Oh, sure. Some companies are nearly there. Fayreform do lovely bras that go up to a 24G in some styles: http://www.fayreform.com/default.aspx
Triumph has also pulled their finger out and there’s a couple of cute young styles in amongst the beige monstrosities. http://www.blestbras.com.au/browse/161/Triumph-Beautiful.aspx

But they’re still the kinds of bras you can’t wait to peel off the second you walk in the door.
It seems like the kind of structural integrity you need to keep the ladies hoisted all day just doesn’t come in polkadots, or with lace and frilly straps.

It must be admitted that I sacrifice form for function Every Single Day. Especially since I got my first Unbelievabra: http://www.unbelievabra.com/

The Unbelievabra was designed specifically to eliminate back fat, and blow-me-down it actually works.

It’s basically a little cami with a built-in underwire bra, but because there’s not straps around your middle it gives a lovely smooth line, rather than a back like the Michelin Man. Add that to the fact that it’s hands-down the most comfortable bra I’ve ever worn, and suddenly every other little filmy piece of lingerie doesn’t look quite so desirable.

The sizes are fun to figure out, but Staci Berner – the designer – goes above and beyond to make sure you’re ordering the right size – she walked me through measuring myself step by step via email (and it must’ve been about 4am in her side of the world).

Like the Luvees Panty Coverall it’s hardly the sexiest item in the old lingerie drawer, but I’ve decided that the trade-off is worth it. I own two now, the original and the new shortee http://www.unbelievabra.com/product-shortee.php and I’m thinking of going a third. Forget the lingerie department at Myer – I’m sticking to my Unbelievabra!

3 thoughts on “Form or Function

  1. Hi Lilli,

    I want to tell you that my husband is very pleased I found your blog 🙂 Your pictures and outfits are fantastic and inspiring. I now wear skirts! I have started posting OOTD pics at the LJ inbetweenies community, and the feedback I get is proving highly valuable to me.

    I am wondering if you still swear by the unbelievabra? Do you still wear it since your size revelations? I'm thinking of ordering one, but it will be a large chunk of my budget. (I shop at op shops out of necessity since I became the sole breadwinner of the family!) Do you have a preference for the utimate or shortee? I'm big on comfort, which has me thinking the shortee would be better.

    I'd really appreciate any input you have 🙂

  2. Hi Louise,
    Yay! I'm so glad you're enjoying the blog!
    I absolutely DO still recommend the unbelievabra – they ARE dear, but they last really well and are SO comfortable. I'd definitely go the shortee over the ultimate though, especially if you're an inbetweenie 🙂

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