Embody Denim

Headband: Mimco http://www.mimco.com.au/

Top: Victoria’s Secret http://www.victoriassecret.com/

Jeans: Embody Denim http://www.embodydenim.com.au/

Embody Denim is Australia’s very own premium plus-size denim company. The brainchild of the gorgeous and curvy model Natalie Wakeling, it’s basically the True Religion for the size 14’s and over.

Natalie’s really gone out of her way to make sure that everyone gets the opportunity to buy jeans that look amazing, and make you feel a million dollars. Most plus-size jeans seem to be 90% stretch, and have a lot of trouble holding their shape after a few wears. My Embody Denim jeans (the one’s I’m wearing in the photo are the Bebe) have just enough stretch to make them comfortable. They keep their shape better than any other pair of jeans I’ve ever owned. The other reason they stand out against other plus-size ranges is that they’re not… Nana-pants. They come in low-rises, in skinny legs, and in great washes. Like Svoboda they have low-slung back pockets, giving the illusion of a high butt.
If you have generous thighs like my own it may take a few go’s to find the right pair, but Natalie herself really makes an effort to see that you’re wearing the best pair for your shape and size.
Price-wise they’re not cheap, but they are pretty comparable to other premium denim ranges. And after all, it’s cheaper than buying several pairs of inferior jeans that only last a month or so. If the price really makes you blanch sign up to the VIP list, and sit tight for a special offer. It’s well worth it.

4 thoughts on “Embody Denim

  1. I love this top and it looks soo cute on you. Did you get the XL? i want i want i want but i dont think it will fit me… Oh and you enabler you i sent a message to lobbylou about the obi.. But now i want an obi AND a handbag.. How can i hide all these purchases from hubby?

  2. I love the shirt too. I also would like to know about the sizing as well 🙂 I’m a 18 but very top heavy so was wondering if it would fit me at all?

  3. Hi girls! Thanks for the comments! The shirt is really cute, I did get it in an XL, and I just squeeze into it – the fabric doesn't have any stretch. Sarah, I'm pretty top heavy, too. I wear a 16-18DD, and I'm about 43" about the bust. For what it's worth I think it'd look pretty cute open over a white singlet. Also, keep your eyes open – ruffles are big this season, and polkadots are always in, so I wouldn't be surprised to see lots of similar things hit the shelves for spring and summer. A quick search threw up a couple of possibilities already:



    Hmnnn…. actually I might have to get that star one from Torrid….

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