Light as a Feather


Top: Luxx

Skirt: Asos

Shoes: Shoebuy

 More of this cute grey skirt – dressed down with a pretty t-shirt featuring Fifi Lapin, then up again with heels and another sparkly necklace from Totally Jewel.

The Finny Feathers Diamond Necklace is a little less blingy than the Diamante Blosson Necklace, but just as well made. The contrast between the thick brass chain, and the dainty deco-styled feathers give it a bit of a found-object feel, and I’ve actually been thinking about how nice it would look as a sash too. It’d be an easy remix project, so that’s a possibility for the future.


At the moment I’m enjoying wearing it as a necklace. It’s classic style that sits nicely on the breastbone and doesn’t twist or catch on delicate fabrics.

Totally Jewel also offers matching earrings, and I think the two make a lovely, affordable set   that would partner beautifully with a simple pastel frock, or a long maxi-dress for a special occasion.


 To wear the two together you definitely need a less-is-more ensemble, because the feathers themselves are so detailed.

I found that the earrings twisted a little, so the sparkly side wasn’t always facing out. To remedy this I just shortened the chains they hung from a little, and now they’re perfect.

Don’t forget Totally Jewel offers free shipping in Australia on orders over $50, a surprise gift with your first purchase when you sign up, and a special 30% off discount for Frocks and Frou Frou readers with the code FROU30 until the 29th of September.

10 thoughts on “Light as a Feather

  1. A while ago you wore a pretty cardigan joined together with a chain. Did you buy or make that? I have so many cardis that would benefit

  2. You have the most gorgeous waist in this outfit!
    Those gentle and light colours seem to suit you enormously well!

  3. Like the skirt. Not sure about the shoes and blouse. Overall look a bit pale for my taste, but can see what you were going for.

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