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Trying to post the Outfit Shot of All Outfit Shots you’d be amazed at the amount of nervousness I feel right now!

As you’d know from my “Not THAT White Dress” post I was surprised by the visceral reaction I had to a gown that didn’t look at ALL like what I’d envisaged wearing, and in the lead-up to the wedding I suffered from agonising anxiety about whether or not I’d made The Right Choice.

Post-wedding I can tell you unreservedly that yes, I did.

Dress: Hera Couture/Eleni George

My dress was a Deco-esque Grecian-inspired silk dress with chiffon drapery, intensely soft and fluid, and an absolute pleasure to wear.

Static, it was an elegant and understated work of art, but when it caught a breeze or when I walked the full circle skirt made the dress sing.

The silk was cut with the matte side out so that it didn’t gleam too overwhelmingly in the warm sun of the day, and the not-quite white/ivory/blush/cream colour was my Mum’s perfect choice.

 No boning, no corsetry, and (blessed!) straps meant that I was comfortable all day, as did the mercifully low heels on my REPLICA RUBY SLIPPERS! (woo!)

Shoes: Princess Pumps

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve been obsessed with The Wizard of Oz (I even wrote my honours thesis on it) so when I saw these ruby slippers, oh, years ago, I knew I’d have to have them. They were the first thing I bought for the wedding, and they were as perfect as the dress.

As my bridesmaids and I walked down the aisle I heard the final bars of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” played by my brother and his friend Sarah. My nerves melted away and I saw The Sophisticate, Matt, my husband, smiling at me from the front. He leaned in and said “look at your shoes!”. The perfect response.


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  1. Dear Lilli,

    A thousand times yes! You looked gorgeous, glowing and happy on your wedding day. I love the addition of colour to your outfit, it made your look uniquely yours! The dress is simply elegant and it looks comfy-how is that possible?

    Congratulations to the newlyweds on what looked like a beautiful day…one more of many to follow.

  2. You look breathtaking. The dress is wonderful and the shoes and corsage in your hair add such an elegant pop of colour. Glad you had such a glorious day.

  3. You look amazing Lilli! I’m very surprised by your choice but I think you look incredible.

    It’s funny, you never know how you’re going to feel until you actually start shopping for a wedding dress do you?

    My sister-in-law has chosen something I never thought she’d go for but she too looks absolutely amazing.

    I hope your day was everything you wished for xx

  4. Lilli, you looked incredible. You’re right, that dress absolutely shines in the breeze, the PERFECT choice for an outside wedding. The touches of red, the shoes!

    Your bouquet is delightful also 🙂

  5. Oh, man, I have tears in my eyes reading this! Perfect is the only word I can think of! We can tell where you get your great taste from- your Mum! The shoes were great, and your dad looks so proud! So the next question- do we get a pic of the new husband and wife team?

  6. Oh Lilli, you looked BEAUTIFUL…ridiculous as it sounds, I teared up at the photo, silly but true.

    Gorgeous, stunning, perfect

    Congratulations again

  7. PS Forgot to say how lovely it has been to see you emerge from a l/t relationship, start your relationship with the Sophisticate and now this! So lovely to watch along

  8. The dress, shoes and hair (while stunning and so you) are secondary to how happy you look. Clearly Matt is the right man for you!

    Congratulations to you both.

    PS: Can we please see more wedding pics?

  9. You look so beautiful!!! Absolutely stunning. Congratulations!!!

    P.S. There’s no such thing as posting too many wedding photos, in case you were wondering 😉

  10. Oh how beautiful! The dress is stunning, you look gorgeous but even more importantly you look gloriously happy! The neckline is just perfect and the flow of the dress is just … !!!! That picture of you and your dad is just so wonderful!! He looks so proud and happy!

  11. Oh my gosh you look amazing! Such a lovely dress
    and suits you perfectly. Very beautiful and you look so happy. ^^
    Love the shoes!! <3
    Congratulations and all the best!
    Much love, MMxoxo

  12. OMG!!! 🙂
    you are just marvelous!!!! stunning bride!!!! 🙂
    once more Lilli: all the happiness in the world to you and your hubby 🙂

  13. Congratulations on your marriage. You look so beautiful in your gown and I love the shoes and hairstyle. I hope your marriage is a long and happy one.

  14. Lilli, you look incredibly happy and absolutely stunning. Totally gorgeous. Your dress is divine and your shoes are perfection.
    Congratulations again to you & Matt!

  15. Oh my giddy aunt, you look absolutely, breathtakingly beautiful Lilli! You chose the perfect dress and you can see that you were comfortable and happy in it, a very important thing on such an occasion. I love your touch of ‘you’ with your shoes, how stunning (and bonus points to the new husband for commenting on them at the right time!).

    May you both have a long, happy and healthy marriage, full of happy memories to make and then enjoy.


  16. Oh WOW Lilli. Wow! You look AMAZING! Also the dress is so not what I expected you to wear. I was thinking 1950s tea-dress but this is just GORGEOUS! On a totally personal level – I have a real thing about strapless wedding dresses – I cannot tell you how refreshing and lovely it is to see such a beautiful different dress. Wonderful.

    I also LOVE those shoes! How amazing. I love how whimsical the whole wedding was – I said to a friend who also reads your blog that having seen your pictures I know I will want to get married all over again – AND I do! I’m off to put my wedding dress on and swish around the flat.

  17. Oh Lilli, there are tears! This is absolutely stunning, you look like an angel. I was expecting a tea dress too but the Grecian look is just beautiful and perfect for you. I hope married life is treating you beautifully 🙂

    Funnily enough I’m a fellow Wizard of Oz obsessee too, and I’ve said for years that I’d wear ruby slippers to my wedding – seeing your photos definitely cemented that idea. Absolutely gorgeous xxx

  18. I just found your blog about a week ago and have really enjoyed looking back on past posts. I just had to stop and say that you look AMAZING!!! So beautiful! I hope that the rest of your day was just as beautiful and I wish you and your new husband all the best.

  19. Oh wow! So fabulous :-). Can’t say whether the ruby slippers or the dress are more gorgeous. But I’m glad to hear the dress was also comfortable and the heels low and you could enjoy the day fully without the sore feet, boning incident, or gagging that wedding outfits all too often entail. You look like happiness personified, and you’re living proof that one doesn’t need to suffer to be utterly beautiful.

  20. Hehe, but really, LOOK AT YOUR SHOES! They are just one amazing aspect of your entire outfit. Very perfect and honestly very “you” from what I can tell of you from your blog. Both sophisticated and stylish. The second picture of you smiling and walking and the dress just flowing, that’s how you know the whole thing was perfection 🙂

  21. Oh!!!!!! I too teared up when I saw these photos. You and your Dad just look so happy! An your dress is just stunning. I really like the pops of red in your hair, the bouquet, and your shoes. Like other readers I have so enjoyed watching you emerge from a long-term relationship and find your way through the hard times, and seeing you now so happy with your new husband. Thank you so much for sharing, Lily, and congratulations!

  22. The dress looked absolutely beautiful on you! It’s so simply, so classic, so playful. What a wonderful choice!

    The shoes… what can I say about the shoes? Absolute perfection!

  23. I’ve been refreshing your site all week waiting for these photos! You look happy and radiant and comfortable and chic and a whole lot of other great adjectives! The shoes are such a personal touch, I love it! Congrats from Virginia!

  24. Lilli you looked absolutely perfect!
    Stunning doesn’t do you justice!

    As I read about your day I couldn’t help but have a tear in my eye…So romantic, so perfect, so YOU!

    Congratulations once again, you guys deserve all the happiness in the world!

    Much love from the UK x

  25. You look so beautiful! I love that you are wearing little accessories and the make up is just a bit. lovely!!! simple is always the best!!! thumb up for the shoes 🙂 next, please post a pic of you two.

    again, AUGURI!!!

    Love, Ylenia | Longuette
    Check on my interview to a Plus size model on my blog! I’d love your comment!

  26. you look so happy. so insanely, life is made of candy, happy. i hope matt is the man of your dreams and married life is full of sunshine for you both.

  27. Stunning! Absolutely beautiful.
    You look so happy and I love that your hubby noticed your shoes-if that doesn’t say he’s the One, then nothing does!
    We want more! More! Will we get to see the ensemble cast? 🙂

  28. Oh, Lil, congratulations!!! You look so beautiful, what a gorgeous ensemble!! And of course, your smiling face just makes it! 🙂

    Will we get to see any more pictures? I’m dying to see more!

  29. I’ve been following your blog for quite a while now and have been inspired by the way you wear your clothes.

    Your wedding dress is truly beautiful, as are you in it.

    Many blessings for the start of a long and happy marriage.

    When will we get to see a photo of your man?:)

  30. Your dress is gorgeous!! The shoes are amazing and I totally understand your love of the wizard of oz 🙂 Congratulations!!!

  31. Love, love, love your dress!!! You look gorgeous! And the shoes!

    My little sister is getting married in May and is also wearing ruby slippers down the aisle. I’m throwing her a Wizard of Oz themed bridal shower.

    I’m so happy you’re happy with your dress choice. You look so happy and absolutely stunning!

  32. ohmyfreakinggod you look so happy and gorgeous and the dress is absolutely perfect. But the shoes…. the shoes……. the shoes…….. wow!
    You look glorious and an inspiration.

  33. A Fairy Tale day! I am so happy for you and your husband Lily! I “met” you when you were going through a hard time, and it is heartwarming to see you so happy. Many blessings to you and your husband for many years to come. 🙂 María

  34. Lilli you look simply amazing, such a lovely dress for a beautiful bride. And the ruby slippers are perfection. (Love the new masthead, BTW, fab) Congrats and very best wishes. You will definitely be inspiring me next weekend when I go shopping for MY dress!

  35. Gorgeous girl, gorgeous dress! A wearer of a ruby red (tea-length) dress (with sleeves!) myself, I very much approve of your red accents. Fab, fab and fab!

  36. This was delightful in every way! I’ve been following your blog for ages, and I was so looking forward to seeing this dress. Like others, it wasn’t the direction I thought you might go in, but I totally adore it. You look beautiful!

    Congratulations to you both from NYC.

  37. You look absolutely amazing!!! That is one of the most beautiful wedding dresses I’ve ever seen! Congratulations! May you be blessed with a long and happy marriage! <3

  38. I recently found your blog – I am in love with your style! I wish you could be my shopping buddy.

    Your dress is lovely, and you look beautiful in it. The ruby slippers are the perfect touch.

    My favorite part of this post is the last paragraph. I predict you and your husband will have a lifetime of happiness together.


  39. You look so lovely — and, more important, so very, very happy!

    (I’m tickled silly to see your shoes; I toyed with ruby slippers for my own wedding but they didn’t work out for me. I’m so happy to see them look so smashing on you!)

    Best wishes and years of happiness to you both!

  40. Lilli! I’ve been a long time reader and had to come out of lurking to say you look so MARVELOUS! Happy, glowing and gorgeous – what a beautiful bride you make! LOVE that dress and the shoe choice is inspired, my dear. Best wishes to you and the Sophisticate! ???!

  41. Mazal tov!!! You look so beautiful and happy and your hair is divine! I’ve been a reader for awhile and I remember when you broke up with the other guy and you were so sad and got your haircut and look at you now. You just glow.

    I hope you share more pictures of all the wedding details and a shot of the Sophisticate please!

  42. You do look very happy, despite me delivering you a little late to the groom. Just as well your dress coped so well to us striding out a bit.

  43. Sweet Georgia Brown, it’s DEVINE. And so are you. Congratulations! And it’d be great to see a pic of the happy couple 😉

  44. Another longtime reader delurking to say “WOW!” (and a belated congrats, too). The dress is stunning, the shoes are to die for (seriously, RED SHOEZZZZ!!!!), and you look blissfully happy. Best wishes to you and The Sophisticate.

  45. Oh my, it took my breath away. Definitely the right choice !! The style is so refreshing and chic, and suits you perfectly. You look amazing and beautiful and so happy. Perfect !!

  46. Holey Moley my dear you look divine! Yes, yes the dress is lovely…but you in it is what makes it perfect! I love your hair, and the touches of red on your lips, earrings and the flower in your hair. Honey, I hope the day was as breathtaking as you looked. All the happiness in the world to the both of you.

  47. You look so gorgeous! What a vision! And I love love love love the ruby red slippers. I guess at the end of the reception you just clicked your heels together three times and said “There’s no place like a honeymoon!”

  48. After coming back from Holidays I checked on your Blog to be presented with your absolutely Beautiful Wedding Dress you look so gorgeous & radiant and I love all your Red Accents. Best wishes for the Future

    Hugs Jacki

  49. This post made me cry! You are such a beauty, Lian! And so gorgeous on your wedding day. Matt’s first words made me laugh… xxoo

  50. I’m a new reader to your blog and just had to tell you, your dress is A-MAZ-ING. Absolutely gorgeous! And you look radiant, confident and happy. What more could any woman want on their special day? :o)

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