The Morning Of

So I’m back!

What a whirlwind of a week, I barely know where to start.

Just a quick disclaimer – I’m not going to “reveal” any of the fashion choices *coughdresscough* in this post, so don’t be disappointed!

The Sophisticate and I drove up from Melbourne to Canberra on Thursday to spend the night with my Dad, then went the rest of the way to Nowra on Friday.

As we drove into town the heavens opened, and it started to pour.

Our venue Terrara has an excellent, and exceedingly pretty “wet weather” plan, but The Sophisticate and I had particularly wanted to get married under the sun and the trees so we had our fingers and toes crossed that the weather would clear by the following morning.

The day dawned grey, but Terrara’s in-house wedding organiser Jody gave us the all-clear, and by the time the bridal party arrived for the rehearsal the sun had shown its face.

And from that moment on, everything was perfect.

I’ll talk about the day in further detail later, but for now I just want to share some photos of the venue.

We’re enormously indebted to my Uncle and his partner for making it possible for us to have our special day in such extraordinary surroundings. Terrara looked beautiful; the marquee was light and bright, open and welcoming. The flowers were stunning. We’ve had nothing but rave reviews about the food (special mention to the 10:30 supper ham, which was so popular it warranted more than a few mentions in our guest book!).

Mostly I can’t say enough good things about the staff. The Sophisticate and I are a pair of wedding-rookies, and neither of us really knew how the day was supposed to progress. Jody and the rest of the Terrara staff run the venue like a well-oiled machine, and the whole day was seamless for me.

So, without further ado – some venue photos…

We went with Vicci’s recommendation (guys, guys, check out her wedding. It’s so beautiful I could cry)Β and set up our own “photobooth” in one of my new Mother-In-Law’s vintage hatboxes. Costumes, a mini polaroid camera, and a pen, and we have a GREAT illustrated guest book for a fraction of the cost of the real deal.

Another hit on the night was the vintage typewriter that my Mum sourced for our “Advice for the Recently Wed”

Our Place-cards/favours came from RecycledIdeas on Etsy. The keys are made of recycled card imprinted with flower seeds so that guests could take them home and plant them.

Β I promise I’ll do a dress-reveal the moment I have a suitable photo. Sorry to make you wait – I don’t want to fudge it!

31 thoughts on “The Morning Of

  1. How much longer must we wait??!! Seriously…….. Congratulations and best wishes, hope you are feeling deliously happy x

  2. So beautiful! Is it dorky of me to be in love with the giant chess set? I’m not very good, in fact I’m pretty darn terrible, but I still love it.

  3. I am so, so happy for you and congratulation!!! the place is more then amazing, looked like you had the marriage on a fairytale!
    I am waiting to see more my dear!

  4. Oh, I’m so excited for you!!! Yay for the sun coming out so you could have the wedding you wanted! The venue is absolutely gorgeous! I love the big chess set. Everything you’ve shown us so far looks so cute, quirky, and personal. I can’t wait to see more!

  5. Glad you liked that first photo of the driveway down to the Estate. The sun came out just at that point and it looked like a bit of English countryside so I stopped the convertible (with the roof down) and got Christopher to stand up and take that photo for you.

  6. oh Lilli everything is so beautiful, so vintage I almost cried :’) take your time with the wedding dress photograph..I am sure it’s worth the wait πŸ™‚

  7. It looks so beautiful Lilli! Also totally how I imagined your wedding would be! I cannot wait to see the dress picture! I also want to see your bridesmaids and the husband’s outfits πŸ™‚ (Demanding reader I know!).

  8. The chandeliers!! In the second photo and in the marquee!! Stunning!
    Looks so beautiful- so glad you got your sunshine!
    Congratulations on your wedding- def looking fwd to the great reveal photos of you and the bridesmaids too!

  9. Argh! The anticipation is killing me. So pleased for you that it all went off well, weddings can be soooo fraught.

    My wedding venue did three per week and came with several planners (you deal almost exclusively with one, who is there on the day to deal with everything and make sure it runs smoothly) and I can’t emphasise enough how important that was. I had to organise the whole thing with no help from mum or my bridesmaids as they live thousands of kilometres away, and without Sheree, I would have gone mad with stress.

  10. Lilli,
    I don’t often comment but read religiously.
    Terrara looks beautiful
    I am anxiously awaiting your wedding pics. So much so that I searched on FB and could see your profile pic – LOVE what I can see of the dress there – I hope this doesn’t seem too stalkerish! Can’t wait to see all your choices when you do the reveal.

  11. The venue – amazing, the type writer idea – fabulous, the flower seed key – brilliant, i am sure that you looked breathtaking and that it was a fantastic day – CONGRATULATIONS

  12. Oh my!!! It is just so divine!!! Makes a person want to get married again (to my husband of 18 years) just to walk through this place in a wedding dress and feel that special day feeling all over again….(now taking a trip down memory lane)……Well done on such a beautiful place……

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