9 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday Braids

  1. I like!
    Just growing my hair out from a disastrous bob, will look forward to doing this when it has a touch more length.

  2. Excellent idea! 🙂 It makes me regret I’ve cut mine… well, probably I can persuade my daughter to try it – whil my hais is growing back .)

  3. Super cute! Might have to try this soon. Wondering if it would work better on second-day curls or when wet, since my hair is really thick & curly. But I plan to try both ways anyway!

  4. dear lilli, the braids are gorge and so are you! i look at your blog every now and then for years now and it seems to me that you kind of lost your bright cheering smile… i don´t want to be too personal, i just hope you are doing well. love from germany! aster.

  5. Just wanted to tell you I tried this out this morning (on 2nd day curls) & it worked great! I definitely need practice, but I think this might have saved me for the upcoming summer heat. Thanks Lilli!

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