Red is Warming

Melbourne seems to have dropped twenty degrees in one night, and I’ve finally unzipped my spacebags of wool sweaters and warm dresses. For the first time in ages I’m finding myself craving red, so here’s a few things from my Lust List at the moment.

Dovina Batwing Dress from Pinup Girl Clothing

Va Va VOOM! This sweater dress is definitely the hottest incarnation of the item I’ve ever seen! Not sure if it’d be quick as impressive on my own slightly less shapely figure, but man I’m dying to give it a try!

Red Wool Dress from Michelle Tan

This is such a classic style, and I was so impressed with the blouse that Michelle Tan made for me last year that I’ve been looking for something else to indulge in for a while. This might be the one!

Heidi Dress from Pinup Girl Clothing

It won’t be winter forever, right? This dress is do divine with it’s creamy bow and sweetheart neckline.

Wool Kilt from Heritage of Scotland

My cheapie synthetic kilts from Tartanista are all very well and good, but I’ve recently started looking seriously for a proper wool one. Now I just have to decide on the tartan!

Red Fox Shoes from Em & Sprout

OMG, these shoes, OMG.

Capri Boots from The Boot Makers

OK, confession time: I recently ordered a new pair of boots from Duo Boots, even though I’ve been a bit frustrated by their inconsistent sizing and fit issues the last three times I’ve ordered. The new boots – as usual – were NOT perfect. Too baggy in the ankle, too tight in the calf, then billowy at the top of the boot. They were on sale, so I didn’t spend too much on them, but after having the zip replaced and the top of the boot reduced I’d sunk close to $300 on them. The next time I buy boots I’m going to try The Boot Makers – they’re not quite as affordable as Duo, or quite as customisable as Boots For Broads, but you can custom order calf width, ankle width and shaft height. I just need to decide what I “need” most: tan, brown, navy blue or black!

How about you guys? Spotted anything awesome lately?

15 thoughts on “Red is Warming

  1. Definitely get the shoes! Red shoes go with nearly everything…which makes buying a pair of fox shoes entirely sensible and practical 😉

  2. omg those fox shoes have been on my wishlist for the past month! although I’m not surprised they’re on yours because I thought of your blog when I saw them lol

  3. Two lovely warm dresses just arrived from Eliza Parker. So divinely comfortable to wear. Thanks for the tip.

  4. Hi Lili

    Ive just received a pair of bespoke boots from the bootmakers. The shape of the boot turned out to be quite strange. The calf of the boot was very curved and I looked like I had puffy “wings” on the back of my calves. Appropriate, if I was going to a fancy dress party as the “the Flash” however not so much on a daily basis. When I emailed Stephen from the Bootmakers, he provided me with a more detailed diagram (more measurements) and suggested that my calf should be 15% wider than the measurement I gave for the top of the boot. I did a quick poll around the office and no one’s calf was the shape of the boot that arrived or their midcalf was 15% wider than their top of leg measurement. I would suggest giving them some shaping/additional measurements – especially around midcalf if ordering from them. I’m still in contact with Stephen – who so far – has been lovely about resolving the issue with the boots. I ended up taking them to a bootmaker to try and adjust them and that didnt work so at this time I have a tres expensive pair of unwearable boots.

    Best of luck

    1. Update: Stephen just called me from the UK – they are going remake my boots. I would very much recommend them and their customer service has been nothing short of AMAZING!

      They are not cheap, but at the time I ordered, I was sent a 10% discount and you do not have to pay VAT. I think they worked out to be $250AU and the quality was really good so they should last.

  5. Thank you for recommendation for the boots!!! I ordered and then returned a pair of Duo boots and was so disappointed I have been on the look out for another boot company to purchase from – will give these guys a go!!!

  6. That Michelle Tan dress is beautiful- gorgeous shape and color and everything!
    I had a good experience with duo boots except should have gone the wide instead of normal width foot!

  7. On the subject of which tartan, you have some Scottish forbears. You could look at the Mackay tartan (from the Mackay aunts-of-the-shelf fame) or the McKinnon tartan, after your great-grandmother.

  8. Further thought on tartans – don’t betray your highland heritage by choosing the Campbell tartan. The black Campbells betrayed our bonnie prince. That one was the Campbell High School uniform anyway!

  9. Overland Footwear ( in NZ do 5 styles of wide calf boots – I bought a pair of “Bloomed” in the wide calf style and they zipped up first pop. I just simply couldn’t take them off once they had zipped on as they were a super fit. (Just search for wide calf on their website and the models should pop up). I am so impressed as I have had a bad run with both Duo Boots and Boots for Broads. Needless to say I have been without boots for simply ages!

  10. I have had 2 wonderful experiences with duo (on your suggestion) from a year ago. Fit beautifully and I emailed my measurements (calf width, foot width and foot length) to their fitter and she suggested what size to go in the 2 styles I wanted. Both perfect.

    1. I’m SO glad to hear that Dani! Maybe where I’m going wrong is that I haven’t been asking for help with measurements… Must try that next time 🙂 Which ones did you get, is you don’t mind me asking?

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