Sunshine on a Rainy Day

Dress: Vintage, via Thrush
Cardigan: Target
Boots: Duo 
I got a lovely surprise in the mail on Tuesday which made up for the fact that it was the coldest day in Melbourne over the last two years, and I’d completely underestimated the warmth of my outfit.

The surprise was this great pair of Talamore Boots which came all the way from sunny England, care of Duo Boots

I’ve been looking for a really great pair of brown boots for Quite Some Time now. I’ve got a pair from Boots For Broads and another pair from Reiker Antistress but they’re both a very dark colour, and I wanted something a bit lighter and more weathered looking, especially for layering over jeans and whatnot, so this pair are perfect. (This photo probably gives you a better idea of the colour, though)

My suggestion for fit? Size down in the foot, and up in the calf! I ended up getting the 38’s because the 39’s were out of stock, and they felt great, but it took me ten minutes to get the left boot zipped up the first time.

I wore them all day yesterday, and they were pretty comfortable. They’re easier to zip up, now that the leather’s softened a little, and while I’m getting my usual ankle rumpling, I actually quite like the effect. They already look like a favourite old pair of boots. Give them time, and they will be.

14 thoughts on “Sunshine on a Rainy Day

  1. Love the boots. And the cardigan looks so warm and cozy!

    I bought that heart cardi at City Chic yesterday … and perhaps a couple of extra cardis too! My cardi collection was getting seriously low (and pilled and faded).

  2. Beautiful outfit. I mean really, this is the *perfect* cold weather outfit. The sweater looks so cozy, and I love the boots.

  3. Love the boots, Lilli! I am going to take a trip past Duo when I am there in September to see what they have in stock, but the tallamores might be a good purchase!

  4. Cool outfit – as always I might add! I DO love that dress – every-time you wear it. Are those ribbed tights I see? If so where did you get them from??

  5. I've been looking for brown boots for six months to a year now, so I completely understand how happy a pair can make you.

  6. Lilli, you look so comfy and pretty and chic! (I don't really associate the first word with the last two usually :)) I've been reading your blog casually for a couple months now, but I just wasted an hour browsing through your archives and I have to say you are officially my new girl crush: pretty, charismatic, confident, smart and stylish! Thank you for continuing to write and sharing your fabulous self with the world =)

  7. I love the boots too. But I love the dress and sweater which look perfectly matched for one another. It is so not sweater weather here!

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