Walk On The Sydney Side

I’m back!

What an exciting weekend that I spent with InnerCityChic up in Sydney!
First up, on reader Kristy’s recommendation, I visited the Finders Keepers Market, which afforded me the opportunity to see some Very Special Goodies in person – many of which I recognised from mooning over them in the pages of Frankie Magazine. Only the thought of the Paddington Markets the next day kept me frugal, but I picked up handfuls of business cards, so it’ll be all about Shopping Online for the next few months I think!
I love Melbourne, I do. The shops, the people, the food… but I’m going to be brutally honest here: Melbourne markets suck. They do. Apart from the monthly Shirt & Skirt Market and the adorable, but miniature Rose Street Markets most markets in Melbourne seem to be tourist traps full of mass-produced dross, soap stalls and polished stones with trams painted on them. There’s nothing that could compete with Sydney’s Paddington Markets, or if there is (ohplease, ohplease) I haven’t found it yet.
I have a real soft spot for the Paddington Markets. As a teenager and budding fashion tragic it used to be a regular treat to visit the markets with my Dad every time we went up to Sydney.
The market has evolved and grown dramatically since I last visited it a few years ago, but the quality of the products is as exceptional as ever, especially when it comes to the fashion stalls. There were lots of floaty silk tunic type things, lots of neutral palettes, lots of lace and lots of miniskirts. And – as usual – almost everything on offer stopped at a size 14 (and a small one at that).
I had a little wad of money burning a hole in my pocket, so imagine my delight when I found, tucked away near the food stalls (incidentally, is it possible to have a market in Australia that doesn’t have a Poffertjes Stall? And has anyone figured out how to pronounce it yet?) a gorgeous creature called Kelda Leigh with a riot of curls that I immediately coveted and a range of skirts that went up to a size 18.
I made a bee-line for a skirt that looked like it had walked off the set of The Education and lo, it fit beautifully.
The skirts at Kelda Leigh are very simple and classic shapes, she’s got a good eye for colours, and everything’s really well produced and finished. She also tells me she does custom sizes, and ships internationally from her online shop. Check out the “sale” section where you can search by size, which is a great timesaver.
Now, in other news, eagle eyed readers may have spotted me recently on the pages of theFrench Glamour magazine! Whoop! Whoop! It was such an honour to be included, alongside Gabi from YFF, J from Fatshionable, Sakina from Saks In The City, Stephenie from Le blog de Big Beauty, and Kylanita, who is a new favourite.
How wonderful to see a mainstream fashion mag doing a feature on “fatshion”, let’s hope the Australian media follows suit!

21 thoughts on “Walk On The Sydney Side

  1. Wow, that is AWESOME! How excting it must be to make it into a magazine… well-deserved too, I might add!

    I absolutely adore this look today; everything about it. I am dying over that sweater, the sleeves are amazing. And that skirt! The lines, the color. Gorgeous. And those adorable shoes are not to be left out!

  2. Oh Lilli, what a great look today. Have to be honest, the sweater tucked in gets my vote (if this is about democracy. Yay for that skirt, and yay for an education. And kudos on the mag inclusion! WOnderful news in deed! Vive Le France!

  3. I enlarged the text but couldn't make out any of the words in the magazine article – quel dommage. Only the subheading, which I think says that France is behind in plus-size fashion. Let me know the minute you get your hands on a real copy.

  4. Lovely combo. I like the sweater tucked in as well. I'm been following your blog and really like your fresh and girly style. I checked out Kelda Leigh's site. They have some lovely skirts. Did you see the Geisha stretch skirt? I can see it working, in some circumstances and with the right top 🙂

    Also saw you in the magazine. It's wonderful to see real gals represented for once!

  5. i found your blog through a "fatshion" feature in The Age! it's no fashion mag, but it's something! xo

  6. Holy crap that shoe brand chie mihara. So many amazing shoes! I just need to figure out how to fit in another job to save up the $!! Are they available in Oz or maybe a US online store?

    We're always so jealous of Melbournites up here in Sydney that it had never occurred to me that we did anything well apart from flashy tans.

  7. I was SO HAPPY to see you included in that feature story! Congrats to you and your blog, you looked as lovely as ever!

  8. Gah! Just…GAH! I LOVE this outfit! It's SO late 1920s, so of course I love it. I looks fabulous on you, and once again I'm jealous of your great style and proportional frame.

  9. Lilli, I love your blog! I've been reading for some time now, but this is my first comment. Just wanted to thank you for posting as frequently as you do–it's a treat for your readers!

  10. Wow! This is really what I'm looking for. Keep inspiring others! More power! By the way, if you're looking for the best graphics design for your online business, then you're search is over. Good luck!

  11. Lilli, you are rocking that gorgeous skirt! What a great buy – looks even better than it did at the markets!

    Had so much fun. Again, again!



  12. Thanks for commenting, everyone! So tucked in seems to be the way to go 🙂
    Mama, I will certainly send you a copy as soon as I get one in my hot little hands!
    The Geisha skirt's cute, huh, Phuong? I've got my eye on the Pink Wave wrap skirt, myself 🙂
    LOL, that's true, Brodie. Plus I saw that Shop Til You Drop's doing a body image issue this month. Still seems to stop at a size 16 though :/
    The shoe's are amazing, aren't they C? I got them as Zomp, but check out ebay too. Also – stay tuned, I'm going to do a feature on Chie Mihara as soon as I can find a bit more information about her!

  13. Hi,
    I live in France and bought the June issue of Glamour yesterday.
    I loved your dress instantly and wanted to check out your blog. You've got a great style, very girly and retro.
    Vive les vraies filles!

  14. ooh, hello. I love your blog! Just started following. It seems you may be missing out on the wonder that is the Camberwell markets …
    Thank you for being so inspiring. I may wear something other than teeshirt and jeans today.

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