Pinky and the Brain

Dress: Igigi
Belt: Portmans
Shoes: Zensu
Yay! Trivia Night tonight!
It’s one of the highlights of my week, Trivia Night; I try to go every Tuesday for a giggle with a troupe of much-smarter people (the kind of people that can actually answer the questions, instead of just thinking of stupid alternative possibilities) including The Sophisticate, my Scrumptious Housemates and fellow blogger Fiona’s also Scrumptious other half, Chris.
I hope everyone had a lovely Easter Weekend – I’m feeling very refreshed after a Whole Four Days Off.

11 thoughts on “Pinky and the Brain

  1. Sigh, my trivia night was on Mondays at the Shakespeare in Surry Hills – Sydney. One of the things I still miss now I live in London.

    Love the outfit, great colour. x.

  2. WOW! pink is the new black 😉 at least for me 😉
    the spring came and … went 😉 so all I wear now is sweaters and hats, again. *sigh*
    as for last weekend: flu 😛 with running nose, that is pretty much the colour of your dress right now 😉
    you look stunning! absolutely stunning!
    no hugz this time! I'm a bit toxic ;P

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