Night on the Town

Dress: Monroe
Shoes: Wittner
Tomorrow is The Sophisticate’s birthday, so last night I took him out to dinner at a swank Melbourne restaurant called Momo.
It was a total win-win kind of situation because not only did I get to have a most extraordinary dinner myself, but it also gave me the opportunity to splurge on an equally swank new dress.
I picked this one up at Myer (I noticed it’s not on the website, so it might be a Myer exclusive) and it’s sublimely elegant, and very flattering on. It was only $109 (less another 30% off for the one-day sale) so if anyone else is looking for a nice going-out dress that doesn’t have jersey, unnecessary spangly bits or a requirement for a strapless bra I’d thoroughly recommend it.
I’d also thoroughly recommend Momo – the food’s exquisite, the decor suitably opulent, and the staff beyond compare.

23 thoughts on “Night on the Town

  1. I've just noticed (brilliant me, after almost a year :P) that you have no handbags! I mean your outfits are fabulous but in a way incomplete. Pleeeeeeaaaaase!!! Just once a week? 😉

  2. Gorgeous.

    I was just admiring that (almost the same) dress on the B & Lu website. It's soooo pretty on you.

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