Jacket: Dream Diva
Jeans: Piper Woman @ Myer
Singlet top: Kmart
Shoes: Zensu
Business meets pleasure in this awesome curvy jacket from Dream Diva.
I remember how excited I was when I saw it – finally, someone was doing business-wear in plus sizes that weren’t all about boxy shapes and shoulder pads.
Of course, I don’t work in an office, so it took me a few weeks to convince myself that it would a be a Good Investment (and I’ve barely worn it since then, so it looks like I may have been fooling myself after all) but I know a few curvy office girls who were over the moon when this popped up on the Dream Diva website who no doubt have been wearing it regularly since then.
Sadly Dream Diva seems to have gone somewhat the way of City Chic, and aren’t doing that much professional-wear anymore.
What is it with Australia’s Plus Size labels and party clothes? Every shop for curvy girls seems to cater exclusively for either older women with a penchant for hanky hems and random dangly bits or party girls in their teens and early twenties who like nothing more than strapless party dresses, boob tubes and denim mini skirts.
Do we really not have the market to sustain plus size labels that have something that falls in the middle? Something like a Witchery for girls that don’t have the proportions of a twelve year old boy? Any ideas?

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  1. I have been bitching about exactly that. A few months ago I really needed a suit for an interview and couldn't find a thing! I ended up settling for a jacket from Rockmans worn open becaause it was a little too small.

  2. Oh I sooo with you on this one Lilli. The City Chic in my area closed down for that reason there is only so much party wear a girl needs!!! Especially when you have kids like I do and you dont go to parties anymore!! I like Dream Diva but I think your right they need to go back to the basics of day wear, night wear and office wear.

  3. I completely agree. I have been complaining about this for ages and I know lots of other people feel the same way.
    Because of the current situation almost all my clothing is purchased online from overseas shops. I would much rather buy things in person but as a 28 who prefers to go out to lunch than nightclubs, I am a bit stuck.

  4. Oh yeah, I know also you don't have much time to reply to comments these days but I have a couple of questions.
    I want to get some suede flats and have tried on the ones you have in the entry but I was wondering how comfortable they were?
    Secondly, I recently received the frill bust dress from Cast Couture but I can't seem to get the frill to sit flat. Do you have any suggestions?
    Thanks! 🙂

  5. Here here! I work in a very corporate environment and hate having to be "under dressed" once or twice a week as I simply can't find quality business attire in my size (Aus 20).

    According to the retailers, Fat chicks clearly are too stupid/unqualified to do anything more than party on the Fairstar the fun ship as frankly that's what most of the "young" "fashion" in the plus size shops in Australia looks designed for.

  6. it's not about Australia, it's about all-around-the-world, unfortunately. I guess the only Polish clothing company for curvy girls is http://www.biubiu.pl/
    the rest thinks that when you wear size over EU 42 you just MUST NOT have waist :> and just MUST wear something that looks baggy… and what adds you at least 10 kg…
    this jacket is really nice and you look just gorgeous!!!
    big big hug!!!

  7. I'm so in love with that jacket on you!
    I can't really relate to the 'not enough workwear' thing. Growing up in the UK wearing the Evans clothes of 10 years ago I felt like I was constantly dressed like someone's middle-aged secretary and gagging for some partywear.

  8. Don't get me started on this one… and boo to Witchery too. I would have loved to have participated in their White Shirt campaign recently to raise funds for ovarian cancer research, but as a size 16 no white shirt would fit me. Clearly, the store considers me too fat for charity!!! I wrote to the company to complain but only to be told my "concerns would be referred to their buyers for consideration". Blah!


  9. Thankfully I do not work in an environment that requires corporate wear. But I do, every so often, have to buy a new pair of trousers from Basque Woman and a simple blouse to match. I HATE the way they cut pockets in their trousers on a diagonal. And then sometimes the fabric is so artificial it's unwearable! As a result, I've been wearing the same pair of brown pants now for four years!

  10. Great post Lilli. As well as the assumption that plus size girls party non stop and don't need classic work wear, I think the designers also assume:

    i) plus size girls are all shapeless or at the best round or rectangular.
    ii) despite not having important jobs, they have lots of money to pay for poorly constructed clothes that need to be altered to fit
    iii) those over 40 like to dress like their mothers.

  11. Firstly, let me say that your outfit looks as lovely as always – I've been lurking and enjoying your posts for some time now:)

    Now for the state of plus size clothing rant…

    Oh yes! There's a HUGE gap in the market! I need basics*, not sparkly, shiny, stretchy, fashion-victim pieces. 'I refuse to wear that bejeweled lions head emblazoned across my front'.

    Is it too much to ask for something flattering also, some upper arm coverage and tops that don't stop at the widest part of my 'pear' hips. Dare I ask in a light cotton/linen blend? *Sigh*

    Here are my plus size pet hates:

    The asymmetric number.
    The 'fashion' top.
    The sweaty stretchy synthetic.
    The zany nanna plus size print.
    The strapless dress.
    The indiscriminate up-scaled dress pattern boxy shirt.
    The lung plunger.


    *When I say 'basics', I don't mean tank-tops and jumpers either.

  12. Yep, I've been saying for years, the shops all seem to aimed at chicky babes or crones. I hate having to buy stuff just because it fits, and seeing someone's nanna twice my age wearing it lol

    Lili, I love that jacket, you don't see many portrait style necklines around much.

  13. I'm with you on the challenge of finding good quality suits and workwear for the curvier girl (I do work in an office, and have to wear suits at least 1 day a week). I'm in the States, but the couple of places that I really like and would recommend are these: Nordstrom (Nordstrom.com–particularly the Halogen and Semantiks plus suits had some nice detailing and look age appropriate for the 25-35 set). Land's End (landsend.com) actually has some nice quality basic suits (black, brown) in plus sizes. And my personal favorite–which is why I own so much of his clothing is Trentacosta (trentacosta.com) I find his suits to have a great fit, be reasonably priced, and this spring/summer-which I realize is the reverse in your neck of the woods–he's showing a couple of suits.

  14. Hi Bloss. Hate to point this out, but could you perhaps be making a very useful statement here, perhaps even a Political statement? I completely agree. And let the record show that even though I'm 60, I don't like crone clothes with random dangly bits and hanky hems, either.

  15. LOL, it's obviously a bit of a contentious issue! Thanks for your comments everyone 🙂

    Hi Boomgate, the shoes were AGONY the first time I wore them, I'm afraid. They rubbed my little toes raw (but I have quite wide feet). They're much better now, but I definitely wouldn't say they were the most comfortable flats I've ever tried. It's weird because Zensu shoes are usually some of the most comfy shoes I've tried. I discovered that Bloch has got a new range of flats – they're retailing at David Jones – they're really expensive, but SO COMFORTABLE. As far as the Cast Couture Dress goes, all I can reccommend is pressing it with an iron – that seems to work with mine…

  16. I wish Sportscraft would extend their size range. Their stuff pretty much exactly defines the gap in the plus size market. Even if they offered only one suit (jacket, trousers, skirt) a season in plus sizes I'm sure they'd do well out of it.

  17. Bad news for anyone that loves Sportscraft – I do a bit of fit modeling for them and they have been changing the fit of the 18s in jeans and shirts a bit because they don't have the same shape as the rest of the sizes. Expect them to feel less boxy/more tailored, but at the same time, they might not fit you like they used to anymore.

    There was a whisper about them doing a plus range (rather than extend a few sizes) a while ago but the GFC put the brakes on that, sorry.

  18. Thanks for your help Lili! 🙂 As cute as your shoes are I might give them a miss as I am a real sook when it comes to shoe pain.

  19. Oh yes, I totally agree. I'm 40, I work in an office, and while I don't need to wear suits every day, I do need to look nice. Leggings and a strapless plaid party dress aren't going to cut it, City Chic! Plus they quality is SO bad – nothing is made to last more than one season.

    I was going to Basque at Myer for my work pants and jackets, but I recently decided to just start making everything I wear, as I can't even find a decent skirt to wear for winter. I have a cupboard full of dress fabrics, and I'm going to use them!

  20. Haha story of my life and what's sad is that I work in the fashion industry – its so hard to front up having to recycle the same pair of black paints and skirt over and over again while everyone else can just go out and buy what ever they want. Not to mention the cost of plus size clothing oh to be able to by some cheap basics at cotton on – obviously im dreaming

  21. I think that is the best outfit I've seen you in…everything is perfectly proportioned to your figure and you look fantastic! Don't let that jacket waste away in your closet, it looks great with your jeans and not too "businessy" at all!

    I agree with your rant about the state of plus size clothing, it is the same in Europe, too (with the exception of maybe UK). We have the German store Ulla Popken, but a) I find their stuff grandma-y and b)they must think the more you weigh the longer you are. I'm a totally average 5'5" and I drown in their clothes. Other than that we don't have too much to choose from, either. I cannot bear any more misfitted, awful printed, cheap CRAP either!!

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