A Shot In The Dark

Cardigan: Target
Skirt: Tartanista
Boots: Duo Boots
So Daylight Savings ended over the weekend, which means that the last couple of wardrobe shots I’ve taken have been done in near darkness. Let me apologise for the quality, but I look dreadful with the flash on!
I’m really delighted with this new plaid skirt from Tartanista. The first skirt that I ordered from them is great too, but this one’s a little bit more pudgy-knee friendly, and I don’t feel nearly as self conscious on the streets and I do in the mini.
It’s also hard to tell with the dodgy grainy picture, but this cardigan – current season from Target – is awesome. The perfect length and fit, though I have a sneaky suspicion it shrank a little in the wash, because I kept finding myself flashing midriff today.

6 thoughts on “A Shot In The Dark

  1. Lovely! I just got the mini skirt in that tartan from Tartanista – do you mind me asking which length today's skirt is?

  2. I amd so glad you put the picture up of the Tartanista kilt! I've been covetting one since your first post. Payday yesterday….happy highland days here I come!

  3. Such a great addition to your wardrobe. i think it will also look great with a gorgeous coat come winter

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