Keep Your Head Above Water!

Shirt: Events
Cardigan: 8Inkerman, remixed
Shoes: Zu
Belt: Fiorelli

Sorry for the four day absence, but we had some epic, epic storms in Melbourne over the long weekend that resulted in the street outside Casa Frocks & Frou Frou looking like this:

and my carefully chosen outfit of the day looking like this:
It may not surprise you to discover that The Sophisticate and I decided not to brave the elements, and instead spent the weekend faffing about indoors, so Moomba Waterfest remains a mystery to me…
How was everyone else’s weekends?

7 thoughts on “Keep Your Head Above Water!

  1. Lots of people I know can't stop looking at the pics of the storms. Amazing. Casa Suze came out unscathed (we think), thankfully. We were down in Mt Martha when the worst of it hit though.

    Can't say the same for my work though as there was flooding in several floors of the building. And not just a little water. A lot. Glad I wasn't there. 🙂

  2. Oh god…I was trapped in the storm and looked worse than you…at least you are still rocking the wet look!

    I went out in a mini skirt and thongs…and full face of makeup. So you can imagine how funny I look after walking for 2 hours in the storm.

    And I was alone too, so I couldn't laugh it off with anyone.

    All sorts of grass and dirt stuck to me.


  3. I adore your cardigan. For some reason it reminds me of something that one of the Pink Ladies from "Grease" would wear with pedal pushers. Such a cute look, darling!! 🙂

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