Frugal February: Spotted

Dress: Target
Shoes: Zensu
I’ve been seeing lots of variations of this dress out in the shops over the last month or so – some in satin, some black with white dots, some with larger dots in the middle and littler dots at the hem.
I finally managed to make it to the fabric store today, but was once again half spoiled-for-choice and half disappointed in my inability to find a simple navy and white stripe fabric.
It couldn’t be that hard, surely! But I’ve tried six fabric shops in Melbourne, to no avail. I just was to make myself a great nautically inspired skirt as part of my Frugal February DIY challenge. I can find fabrics with a thin stripe, but I had something more like below in mind:
Anyone spotted anything similar in living memory?

13 thoughts on “Frugal February: Spotted

  1. Have you tried the home decorating section of Spotlight or Lincraft, or even a curtain store? You might be able to find a very servicable linen or cotton blend there. I'm always stunned by the great dress fabric they have in the furnishing section at our Spotties!

    I really love that dress. A lady at work has a very similar dress to that, also from Target, but I think you carry it off a lot better!

  2. Not sure what kind of fabric you want the stripe in but I bought an interlock from Spotlight with a wide white and navy stripe a while ago. Not sure what stores you have tried but did it include darn cheap, tessuti, cleggs, GJs, Carmels? I am sure you could ring first to find out what they have…

  3. i just wanted to say that you are awesome, and i love looking at your blog. it gives me hope that i can find some cute stuff too! and i'm super psyched about your diy's!

  4. Ooo I might just have one of those Target dresses!

    I'm guessing if you've tried 6 fabrics shops you've probably been to Clegs? I once (about 2.5 years ago) bought some wide stripe jersey in black and grey from Clegs, so if you haven't tried there, maybe they might have some?

  5. The skirt looks like it's a jersey. It's out of the way, but The Cloth Shop in Ivanhoe has a really great range of knits, and will almost certainly have a striped one.

  6. G&J's Discount Fabrics on Lygon St in Brunswick? Actually, I'm going there today, I'll report back…

    Where are these narrow navy&white stripes you speak of? I'm looking for those and can't find anywere!

    Great dress btw, super cute.

  7. I dont know if you have one but I spotted something very very similar in Ikea today in the home textile section. I am sorry i dont know if you have one where you are.

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