Frugal February: Letter to Myself at Twenty One

Hi folks – I’m away at Sales Conference in Sydney today and tomorrow, so you’ll have to excuse my brief hiatus from blogging… I’ll be back tomorrow night, but in the meanwhile here’s a little something I cooked up (much much!) earlier.

Lilli – at 21

Dear Lilli,

You’re gorgeous. Stop stressing about it.

Live a little – no-one’s going to love you any less if you loosen the reins a bit. There’s plenty of time to be responsible, but for now try to have bit more fun. Experiment. Take some chances. And find yourself a drink that you can tolerate for God’s sake. Ordering lemonade at a bar is just embarassing.

You might actually get asked out more often if you came off as slightly less of an ice queen – try to be a bit more approachable and stop saying “no”! They’re asking you for a date, not your hand in marriage.

Trust your instincts, they’re actually pretty good.

If you run out of things to say on a first date, chances are you don’t have enough in common to sustain an eight year relationship. And eventually you’ll find out that he’s “talking” to someone else, anyway.

Perms are bad okay? Ask your Mum.

Stick up for yourself. You’ll kick yourself later if you act like a doormat, and you’re setting a bad example for your little sister.

Love, Yourself

p.s. That thing that’s worrying you? It’s not a problem. You can, actually.

p.p.s. If at some point you’re introduced to a guy with glasses who’s seriously unkeen on spiders, pay attention. There’s more to him than you might suspect.

20 thoughts on “Frugal February: Letter to Myself at Twenty One

  1. Lilli, you are soooo beautiful and this picture is stunning. I love that letter, I should really make one for myself too.
    ps, definitely find a drink that's tolerable because lemonade at a bar is kind of embarrassing! hehe 🙂 kidding 🙂

  2. What a great letter, I can even relate to some of the points. You have given me some motivation to write my own letter.

  3. Dear my 21-year-old self,

    You do NOT need to buy Simpsons figurines. You will regret it later.

    Also, you look fine in skirts. Stop buying them and ignoring them. Just wear 'em.

    The second that Lilli girl walks into your bookshop, yell, "We should be pals!" Actually, on second thoughts, don't. She might find it alarming. Keep your eye on her, though. She's a kind and funny person.

    Your 27-yr-old self

  4. This letter is so very cute! I love the photo…you looked really happy in it!

    If I can grow up like you, I would be so happy! You don't seem to have gain any lines on your face at all!

  5. Fab idea! I should try it too 😉
    Honey! you are amazing young woman! Beautiful and wise! do not EVER forget about that!

  6. I'm about to turn 40. In hindsight I'd like to write a letter to myself at 30. Along the lines of: your life is not over, stop mooning over that boy and go out and find a new one!

  7. Awww darling, you're just as beautiful now (if not more so!) as you were at 21… and at 12. Now if only we'd all figured out all the things in that letter; we'd have been so much happier.
    BTW, how is it that your style didn't rub off on me during all those years as neighbours?
    Now for the present – I'm in Sydney too! But we're heading back to the 'berra tomorrow sometime and I'm guessing you're horrendously busy. *hugs*

  8. Hi! I'm a lurker, but I had to come out for this one.

    This post has inspired me. And although I just celebrated my 23 birthday about two weeks ago I'm really trying to reassess and change for the better before I waste too much time (not saying you wasted any time, sorry). I am going to write my own letter, I've done it before for my 13 yr old self.

    You looked gorgeous, but you haven't change a bit!!

  9. Lovely Lilli, enjoyed reading about you in the Sunday Age – in fact I have the article right in front of me. Thank you for sharing your life with us and being brave and honest.

    I just finished reading Dawn French's autobiog (also in a letter style) and it is such a great idea.

    I know the hours and days and months that I have wasted on being filled with self-loathing because I was overweight. One of the nice things about hitting my 40s is that suddenly this becomes less important. Being strong and healthy becomes the focus.

    Oh yes and finding the chique drink… Let it change to suit your mood. Sometimes an espresso martini is the go, other times a scotch and soda. French pink champagne goes with everything!


  10. I only discovered your blog yesterday. I love your letter to yourself. I hope you beleive and act on what's in it because
    You ARE beautiful
    Drink whatever soft drink you like and tell people it's a Bacardi Breezer
    Give a man three dates worth of chances before turning ice queen
    Live for today.

  11. Great letter – I hope you did love yourself and think yourself beautiful at 21 – you are gorgeous!

  12. I remember you when! Still gorgeous, darling…in fact I like to think we're coming into our own more every year.

    Lis T xx

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