Frugal February: Heavy Machinery

Trousers: Jacqui E
Shoes: Wittner
This one’s for my Mum who gave me this enormous piece of machinery for Christmas so that I could do something about the encroaching carpet of leaves that continuously covers my courtyard.
It’s enormously good fun!

11 thoughts on “Frugal February: Heavy Machinery

  1. you look amazing and I must have a very dirty mind because you holding that enormous piece of equipment with your sly smile is totally making me giggle!

  2. That is SO funny. I think they've also invented this thing called a… broom?

    Have a lovely Friday Miss Lilli. xx

  3. I have only just discovered your blog, but your fashion sense is already changing my life! Seriously! I thought being larger and stylish were totally incompatible, but now having trawled your blog, I realise I have been wasting my life – well my fashion life anyway. Thank you Thank you Thank you! I am now reviewing my wardrobe and dying to buy heaps of new stuff. Thanks also for the tip on Etsy – the single most fabulous website I think I have ever seen! Can't wait for more. xxx

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