Shirt: Events
Shoes: Zu
Belt: Fiorelli
Cravat: Christian Dior (Thrifted)
So I was back to work this week (alas!). I’m already feeling a bit like I need a break, so it’s fortunate that on tuesday we celebrate “Australia Day” with a public holiday.
Today was a bit of a case of calm before the storm because come tomorrow I’ll have my ‘rents visiting from Canberra (possibly with my younger brother) and also my honorary little sister who – due to the lack of beds here – is crashing with The Sophisticate.
I bought this great gentlemanly cravat at the Chapel St Bazaar, oh, months ago; but like so many of my scarves – bought on a whim with the best of intentions – it has spent its time sitting in the bottom of my drawers being unloved and unworn.
I suspect that I don’t have the neck for scarves, but it’s such an easy way to jazz up a boring outfit and breathe new life into old clothes that I keep trying. One day I might stumble across the perfect way to tie a scarf, giving the illusion of the long and willowy neck that I so crave. I’ll be sure to share if I ever do!

12 thoughts on “Gentlemanly

  1. I never thought I had the neck for scarves either, but then I started wearing them occasionally and it turned out it doesn't really matter.

    That looks fabulous.

  2. Hi Lily, what make of Embody denim are these jeans? (I haven't had much luck in finding the right style, but yours look so great). Did you buy them online?


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